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Johnny Appleseed chords – Nofx


NOFX – Johnny Appleseed From album White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (Epitaph Records 1992) Alex Flynn, 19 July 2014. Email suggestions or corrections to alexflynn2 Personnel: "Fat Mike" Burkett – Bass, vocals Aaron "El Hefe" Abeyta – Lead guitar Eric Melvin – Rhythm guitar Erik "Smelly" Sandin – Percussion Chords used: F#: 244222 […]

Carolina Coast chords – Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties


I figured out these chords from this video: The timing is probably a little off, just listen to the song and you should get it. On a lot of the C's he will go from 2-0-2 on the D string, and do the same (2-0-2) on the A string for the G's, just make […]

Hugh Harrison – Stand Up For Singapore chords


Song : Stand Up For Singapore Artist : Hugh Harrison Key : C Intro C C Dm F G Stand up for Singapore, do the best you can C Dm Reach out for your fellow man F G You've got to make a stand F C Recognise you can play your part F C Let […]

Who Are You When Im Not Looking chords - Aaron Lewis


Tuning: Half-step Down + Capo 2 The tab is based on this video: Chords used: G6 Asus4 Em7 Dsus2 eb |–0—-0——-0——-0———-| Bb |–3—-3——-3——-3———-| Gb |–0—-2——-0——-2———-| Db |–0—-2——-2——-0———-| Ab |–x—-0——-2——————| Eb |–3———–(0)—————–| Intro: Em7- G6- Dsus2– Dsus2 My oh my, you're so good-looking G6 Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends Asus4 But I've […]

Barely Legal chords V2 - Strokes

Strokes photos

Barely Legal – The Strokes Intro chords: G – C – G – C Intro solo: A|-5-5-5-7————- E|———7-7-7-7-5-7- x4 G I didn't take no shortcuts I spent the money that I saved up C Oh, Momma running out of luck Like my sister, don't give a f**k G I wanna steal your innocence To me, […]

Les Malheurs Du Lion chords – Thomas Fersen


Thomas fersen Les malheurs du lion Cm G Cm Au café révait un lion, Cm G Cm devant sa consommation Eb il voit venir une abeille Fm Vêtue d'un tailleur que raye G Le noir avec le soleil, Cm G Cm une petite merveille Eb Elle grésille, elle bourdonne, Fm avec l'accent de Narbonne G […]

La Chandelle chords – Thomas Fersen


Thomas Fersen La chandelle D G Nous sommes trois, Bm G Elle, lui, moi, Bm A Moi, lui, elle, A Bm Et je tiens la chandelle. D Un baiser les boutonne, Bm Un baiser les unit, A Ma petite personne G D Fait le jour et la nuit. D Dans les moments de gêne, Bm […]

Sans La Nommer chords – Georges Moustaki


Georges Moustaki Sans la nommer Dm Je voudrais sans la nommer Gm Vous parler d'elle C7 Comme d'une bien-aimée F D'une infidèle D7 Une fille bien vivante Gm Qui se réveille C7 A des lendemains qui chantent F A7 Sous le soleil Dm C'est elle que l'on matraque Gm Que l'on poursuit que l'on traque […]

Chacun Sa Peine chords – Mano Solo


Mano Solo Chacun sa peine D9 : 000212 ou x57570 Gm A Sur le quai chacun sa peine Gm y a des mariniers qui pleurent Gm A Et de leur tas de tôles moisies Gm on entend monter leur cri Eb Dm Et sur la tête de ma mère Cm moi je te jure Dm […]

Je Marche Seul chords – Mano Solo


Mano Solo Je marche seul Am B Encore une histoire qu'on rebalance Dm Une histoire qui se déhanche E Une histoire qu'a pas de chance Am Une histoire qu'a pas de sens B Une histoire pire qu'un sale dimanche Dm Une fraction dans l'errance E D'un sale môme de France Dm Am Je marche seul, […]

Les Gitans chords – Mano Solo


Mano Solo Les Gitans Mano Solo : Les Gitans C#7 : X46464 Abdim : 456464 F#7 : 242352 Fdim : 123131 D7 : XX0212 Bm Il fait beau au soleil sur le pont F#m Je regarde les gitans de l'autre côté du port C#7 Ils sont beaux Abm d'ici je ne vois pas leurs têtes […]

Ocean Avenue Acoustic chords V3 - Yellowcard

Yellowcard photos

This is a slightly simplified version of the way they play this song in the 2004 AOL session. This is my first time making a tab so enjoy! GUITAR 1: Intro: E-F#m-D VERSE 1: E F#m D There's a place off Ocean Avenue Where I used to sit and talk with you E F#m D […]

Aint No Sunshine Tabs – John Mayer V3


Back To The Earth chords V4 - Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz photos

Jason Mraz – Back to the Earth Version used of MrCires, but made it a bit easier with CAPO on 3 Used chords relative to CAPO: ——————– E – 022100 B – X24442 A – 002220 C#m – 446654 G#m – 466544 F# – 244222 ——————— CAPO on 3!! Intro : E – B – […]

Rouge-gorge chords – Damien Robitaille


Song: Rouge-gorge Artist: Damien Robitaille L'homme qui me ressemble Year: 2006 Tabber: Intro (0:05) C C F C Verse (0:16) C F C Je vais vous conter l'histoire d'un pauvre petit oiseau G F C Sa gorge était la plus rouge et son coeur le plus gros C F C Il chantait toute la […]

For No One Tabs – Beatles V3


The Infected Tabs – Four Year Strong


Shine chords - Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz photos

————————————————————————————— SHINE – Jason Mraz ————————————————————————————— ~ Here is the funky little closing track on Jason's new album "YES!" ~ The basic chord structure is D C Bm Bb, but there are a lot of flourishes, this is really just a simplified version of the song. ~ The (C) is a quick change and […]

Bit By Bit Tabs – Mother Mother V2


We All Die Acoustic Tabs – Wednesday 13


Somebody Cares For Me chords – Nick Lowe


Somebody Cares For Me by Nick Lowe Only four chords. But it?s in the feel… Play with a gentle but steady shuffle / monkey beat! Chords ====== E 022100 F#m 244222 B x24442 C#7 x4342x Intro ===== B E B F# B E B F# B Verse 1 ======= B E I'm on a lonely […]

Our Town chords - James Taylor

James Taylor photos

Our Town – James Taylor Tabber: victorivarsson This is an amazing song from the movie Cars and I didn't really enjoy the first version so I've made my own. ENJOY!!! Chords: Sometimes after the D chord you can do this: D: (xx0232) e—-2-2/3-2-0— A: (x02220) b—-3———3- G: (320033) g—-2———– Bm:(x24432) d—-0———– Am:(x02210) G*:(355433) Gm:(355333) Em:(022000) […]

Ghosts chords – The National Parks


F C I was born F C Beneath the mountain F C G Right on the valley floor. F C and i followed the sun F C into the desert F C G i thought that she was the one F G but i've never been more wrong Am F c G so I'll go […]

Black Water Rising chords – Stonefield


Black water rising – Stonefield Em E G E G A G Em G A Em E Breathe the rhythm of the cool wind breeze Em E The night's darkness soak through my skin Light's reach was too far away for me Em D Em Black water rising through my soul Em D E Black […]

Do Not Bury Me Tabs


Waiting All Night Acoustic chords – Ella Eyre


This sound is pretty repetitive and simple Intro Em D Am G (2x) Em D I've been waiting all night for you to Am G Tell me what you want, tell me, tell me that you need me Em D Am G I've been waiting all night for you to…. Oh Em D I've been […]

The Marching Line chords – Vanessa Carlton


Key of A major. Plenty of piano breaks you can strum some stuff on in the chords, just give the song a listen. A E A Boots on concrete A E A Don't slip on the leaves A E A Smile at the strangers A E Won't know what you mean A E A Clouds […]

Power In The Blood chords – Rush Of Fools V2


Intro (2x) C#m / A / | E / x x Verse 1 C#m A E B A E Would you be free from the burden of sin, there?s pow?r in the blood pow?r in the blood C#m A E B A E Would you o?er evil a victory win, there?s wonderful pow?r in the […]

The Final Cut solo Tabs – Pink Floyd V2


Water In My Hands Tabs – Scars Of Life


Colors Of The Wind chords – Darren Criss


From his acoustic set at the G4 Starfury Convention. Capo 3 VERSE C Am You think you own what ever land you land on C Am The earth is just a dead thing you can claim F C Dm7 But I know every rock and tree and creature F G Am Has a life, […]

In Christ Alone chords – Sidney Mohede


Verse 1 C F G In Christ alone my hope is found F G C He is my light, my strength, my song G C F G This Cornerstone, this solid Ground F G C Firm through the fiercest drought and storm F G What heights of love, what depths of peace F/A G/B When […]

Room To Move chords – John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers


E D E D E D E E D E D E D E E D E May seem peculiar E D E How I think of you E D E D E D E E D E D E D E A G A If you want me, darlin' A G A Here's what […]

Master The Tempest Is Raging chords – Lds Hymnbook


C G ( Gadd9 ) V.1 Master, the tempest is raging! V.2 Master, with anguish of spirit V.3 Master, the terror is over. G Gadd9 C The billows are tossing high! I bow in my grief today The elements sweetly rest. C G ( Gadd9 ) The sky is o'ershadowed with blackness. The depths of […]

Hatenai Sora chords – Arashi


Am7 Fmaj7 C G Am7 Fmaj7 G C Doro mamire no mainichi dakedo Ima sara nayandari wa shinai G Am7 Fmaj7 C G Am7 Fmaj7 G7 C Akireru hodo bukiyou dakedo Kokoro ni chikatta yume ga aru C7 Fmaj7 Fm7 Fm6 Em7 G/A C Todokanai hoshi ga matataite Fureru you ni sotto toikaketa F C […]

Wake Me intro Tabs – Bleachers


Mom Says chords – Luisa Sobral


Mom Says ? Luisa Sobral G C G Mom says it's cold outside D C G And she worries waiting at home. C G Dad says its dark outside D C G Shouldn't be there on our own Am Cmaj7 ?Cause the mysteries in the wonders of the world G F#dim Are too hard, are […]

So Cold Acoustic chords V2 - Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin photos

So Cold Breaking Benjamin We Are Not Alone Great Song, one of the best! Standard tuning (No Capo) Dm Dsus2 Bb C e —1—-0——1—-0—| B —3—-3——3—-1—| G —2—-2——3—-0—| D —0—-0——3—-2—| A —x—-x——1—-3—| E —x—-x——1—-x—| Dm Crowded streets all cleared away Bb One by one Dm Hollowed heroes separate Bb As they run Dm You're so […]

Better Days chords – Eddie Vedder V3


I've improved this over my own version of a year ago BETTER DAYS Eddie Vedder G D G D I feel part of the universe opened up to meet me. G D G D My emotion so submerged broken down to kneeling C Cmaj7 C6 C Once listening voices they came G D G D […]

Carry On chords V2 - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold photos

After Intro Solo and Before First Verse: Em F# G Em X4 Verse 1: Em F# G Em Some people live that selfish desire some choose to shout when they speak F# G D(Hold) F# G and they'll be the stars. Em F# G Em Caught in the flame of those deep in fire seeking […]

Shower chords – Becky G V2


Super basic chords. Sing your heart out\\ [No capo} Intro: G D Bm A G I don't know there's just something about ya D Got me feeling like I can't be without ya Bm Anytime someone mention your name A I be feeling as if I'm around ya G Ain't no words to describe you […]

5th Of July chords – Unbunny


G The corn was knee high by the 5th of july C When I lost a friend D And gained an enemy G I was caught unaware of events taking place C D And the presence of a traitor among us C G Oh enemy, what good is security? C G Oh enemy, what good […]

Detleft Schrempf Tabs – Band Of Horses


If We Fall In Love chords V4 - Yeng Constantino

Yeng Constantino photos

Song: If We Fall In Love Artist: Yeng Constantino feat Rj Jimenez Chords by: Jaypee Resada Intro: F Am Dm , Dm – Bb Dm – Bb C# C C# C C Verse 1: F C/F F There'll be no ordinary days for you A# F/A Gm C/E if there is someone who cares like […]

Your Name Is Glorious chords V2 - Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture photos

Jesus Culture Your Name is Glorious Intro G#m B D#m C# Verse 1 G#m B Who is like You D#m C# Took the sin of the world G#m B on Your shoulders D#m C# You did it so willingly Pre- Chorus 1 G#m B God the price You paid D#m C# will forever be enough […]

Tunnel Vision chords – Tokyo Police Club


Song: Tunnel Vision Artist: Tokyo Police Club Forcefield (2014) : Kal S. – kalden24 This is meant for a strumming / acoustic style. Pretty easy song, I play it with all barre chords but do what works best for you! I put my capo on 1 and play the F as an "E" to save […]

Cia Tabs – American Sneakers


12 Miles Tabs – Scout Niblett


Little Window Tabs – Ducktails


A Place To Die Tabs – Five Finger Death Punch V3

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