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Wonderland chords – Giles Giles And Fripp


The lyrics to this song were really difficult to get by ear and the mixing on the track makes it hard to decipher as the vocals Butt I tried, it is based on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland just as Jefferson Airplane had done a number of similar subject the year before.I think I […]

Frozen – Sueltalo chords – Misc Soundtrack


——————————————————————— Suéltalo – Gisela ——————————————————————— Let it Go – from the Disney's Frozen Soundtrack (Spanish Version) ——————————————————————— Fm C# La nieve brilla esta noche aquí mas, D# A# ni una huella queda ya. Fm C# Soy la reina en un reino, D# A# de aislamiento y soledad. Fm C# El viento aulla y D# A# […]

Fall Over chords – Banks


"Fall Over" Whole song there's a combination of Bm F# D#m C# and Bm F# D# Fm Bm F# You got my heart beating D#m C# Beating, beating, beating Bm F# D#m Fm Bm F# You got my mind to follow D#m C# Follow, follow, follow, folloooow Oh Follow I gave up my pride. Why? […]

Hiba chords – Hujan V2


: Mohammad Izzat Adzhar Hujan Lagu: Hiba Tuning: Standard eBGDAE Cmaj7: (x-3-5-4-5-x) E7: (x-7-6-7-5-x) Fmaj7: (x-8-10-9-10-x) G13: (3-x-3-4-5-x) Dm7: (x-5-7-5-6-x) C7: (x-3-5-3-5-x) Am7: (5-x-5-5-5-x) A13: (7-x-7-8-9-x) INTRO: Cmaj7 Gm7 Cmaj7 Gm7 VERSE: Cmaj7 E7 Fmaj7 G13 Oh Hiba, memang waktu ini kaulah temanku, Cmaj7 E7 Fmaj7 G13 Memang hidup, apa-apa pun ajal yang kau temu, […]

Love Runs Out chords – Onerepublic V2


INTRO strum E-3 Gm I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun Gm I'll be the bright and black that's making you run Cm And I feel alright, and we'll feel alright Gm 'Cause we'll work it out, yeah we'll work it out D I'll be doin' this, if you ever doubt Gm 'til […]

Love chords – Lennon And Maisy V2


——————————————————————————- LOVE – Lennon and Maisy ——————————————————————————- : My Sister (Me: Labmusix4life) Tuning: Standard NO CAPO Intro: e|—————–1————-|————–1————| B|————3————-3—-|———4————-4—| G|————–3—–3–0—-3–|——0—-3—-3–0—–3-| D|——0————————|–1————————| A|——–1———————-|—————————| E|—3—————————|—————————| e|——————–1————|——————-3/5—| B|————-3————-3—–|———-1————–| G|——-3——–3——3——3–|————————-| D|———-3—————3——|——3——-3———-| A|—1—————————–|————————-| E|———————————|–1———————-| Gm7 Eb9 Bb F Gm7 Eb9 Oh tumbling leave you fly so high, Bb F lets go chasing butterflies Gm7 We follow clouds (we follow […]

Intervention chords – Banner Pilot


Banner Pilot Intervention Heart Beats Pacific 2011 Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: C Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C – x32010 G – 320003 Am – x02210 F – 133211 Verse 1: C I know that I just G f****d up everything Am And I know that nights like these might leave F C a scar […]

Truth Tabs – Cn Blue


Just Cant Get Enough chords – Ida Redig


This Ida Redig’s take on “just can’t get enough” from a live performance. I hope I got it right feel free to comment and give feedback. It looks like she plays it with CAPO but form me this chords work fine if you want to play along. Ida Redig – Just can’t get enough No […]

A Good Life Is The Best Revenge chords - Ball Park Music


A Good Life is the Best Revenge Ball Park Music Intro (from the nut not the capo) e|——————————-| |————-8–| B|—-8——10b—-10-8-8-8-8—| |—-8—-10–8–| G|—-8——10b—-10-8-8-9-9—| |—-8—-10–9–| D|——————————-| x3 |————-10-| A|-6—–6/8———————| |-6—-6/8—-10-| E|—————-8————–| |————-8–| Capo 3 (transpose by 3 for chords without capo) Intro: C D A (4) [Verse 1] C D A Hear me out your royal highness […]

Nothing Stays The Same chords – Luke Sital-singh V2


Nothing Stays the Same by Luke Sital-Singh G C Cm C1 Em Am e|–3—0—0—0—0—0—| B|–3—1—1—3—0—1—| G|–0—0—0—0—0—2—| D|–0—2—2—4—2—2—| A|–2—3—3—5—2—0—| E|–3—0—3—5—0—0—| Capo 3 Intro: Em G C O-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh dear life X2 Em G C Em G C I can taste it in my mouth, I am hanging upside down Em G C All the faces gathered […]

Crown Him Majesty chords V5 - Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin photos

Verse 1 Am F2 C/E Gsus Crown Him with many crowns the Lamb upon His throne Am Am/G D/F# G D Gsus Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own C/E F2 D Gsus G A-wake my soul and sing of Him who died for me Am Am/G F2 C/E Dm7 Gsus […]

Be What You Be Tabs – Angus Stone


Hymn 35 chords – Joe Pug


Repeat through the song capo 2 C |—————————| |-1——–1—-1——–1–| |—2——-2—–2——-2-| |—————————| x2 |-3————-3———–| |—————————| Am F |————————————————| |-1——-1—1——–1—–1——–1—-1—–| |—2——2—-2——-2——2——-2—–2—| |—————————-3————-3—–| |-0———–0———————————-| |————————————————| C I am the day, I am the dawn C I am the darkness comin' on Am F C And I am once, I am twice C I am the whole, I'm just […]

You Win chords – Cats On Trees


CATS ON TREES – You Win Scale: D [Verse 1] A F#m The words can never tell how much I'm sorry A Can never play again these memories you see F#m Don't want to see you leave too far E D Can you please stay home? A You once said F#m This inning swing never […]

Mappemonde chords – Les Soeurs Boulay


MAPPEMONDE Les Soeurs Boulay Bm D Tu m'présenteras jamais ta mère Bm Em Ni tes amis ni même le gars a'ec qui tu v*s G C'pas qu't'es pas fier A D Mais y comprendraient pas Bm D J't'embrasserai jamais dans l'métro Bm Em J'attendrai sagement les blackouts au cinéma G J'encerclerai pas A D De […]

Things We Lost In The Fire chords V4 - Bastille


Am F G Things we lost to the flame Am F Dm G Things we'll never see again Am F G* All that we've amassed Am F Dm G Sits before us, shattered into ash Am G These are the things, the things we lost Em F The things we lost in the fire fire […]

You And Me chords – Dean Geyer


This is not 100% accurate, but hope it helps! F C Dm We built an empire Bb Dm C F Standing as we watched it come to life Dm City of love Bb C Drop beneath our feet Dm C And walk these streets Bb Walk these streets Bb Dm Cause its you and me […]

Mayron Pa Ba chords – Jersey Green


It's my first time to lay in guitar chords. I hope you'll like it. Visit my Tumblr for the English Translation of the song — I <3 —————————————————-="" ;d="" 4="" as="" ba="" by="" capo="" days,="" green="===================================================" guess="" i="" intro:="" jersey="" know="" love="" mayron="" mean.="" much="" on="" pa="" plaid="" really="" shirt="" since="" swift!="" taylor="" what="" […]

Sunflower chords – Michael Yonkers


C D G Bm G I once kissed a sunflower C and stroked her petalled hair G there were many others C growing in the flower bed D tulips and daffodils C growing there G C morning glory and daisies G blooming there all the other flowers C were so delicate and sweet G but […]

Incapable chords – Chris Ramos


Capo- 2nd fret G Am C Why do I think about you G Am F Every night, out of the blue G Am C Feels like seeing you everyday G Am F Doesn't seem to be enough G Am C Could it be things have gone far G Am F Or is it just me […]

Everything Tabs – Ben Howard V6


Himawari chords – Jkt48


HIMAWARI JKT48 Intro : C7 .. C7 .. C7 .. C7 .. |-8——————-8—————| |-8—11-10–8–10-11-8–11-10–11-8–| |-9—9–9—9–9–9–9–9–9—9–9–| 3x |-10–10-10–10-10-10-10-10-10–10-10-| |————————————-| |————————————-| |-8———————-| |-8—11-10–8–10-11—-| |-9—9–9—9–9–9—–| |-10–10-10–10-10-10—-| |————————| |————————| Reff : F C/E Bunga matahari tertiup angin Bb A7 Dm F Menghadap matahari bertumbuh dan mekar Bb C F Dm Ke langit biru yang tiada berbatas Bb C Kedua […]

Fresh Start Fever Tabs – You Me At Six


Room To Breathe intro Tabs – You Me At Six


Man On The Silver Mountain solo Tabs – Rainbow


Leave Me Astounded chords V2 - Planetshakers

Planetshakers photos

Leave Me Astounded Endless Praise 2014 Verse 1 D D/F# G All my hands have made I'm laying down D D/F# G All that I hold dear my many crowns D D/F# G I have tasted and seen of Your great love Bm You satisfy me D/A You satisfy me Chorus 1 D Asus Spirit […]

Rewind intro Tabs – Rascal Flatts


You Got Me chords – Taking Back Sunday


Capo 5 Chords Am – 002210 C – 030030 F – x33210 Intro – Am , C , F Am C I was there when you were lonely F I was there when you were bored Am C I was there when you were feeling scared F And you were not sure what for. Am […]

Kuta Rock City chords – Superman Is Dead V2


Intro E – A – E C# A B E – A – E C# A F# D# E – A – E C# A B E – A – E A – G# – A E Verse 1 E Getting dressed and getting drunk make some noise don't left behind A B E And […]

Rising Sun chords - Sunrise Avenue

Sunrise Avenue photos

Artist: Sunrise Avenue Song: Rising Sun Popgasm Verse 1: E Look at the rising sun C Look at the game we're in everyone A G E D (one strum) Heaven is open for us again E Look at the road behind C Look at the miles we've walked, you and I A G E Heaven […]

Loves Me Like Jesus Does chords - Eric Church

Eric Church photos

LIKE JESUS DOES-Eric Church (Corrected) Capo on the 1st!!! Intro: D G Ax2 Verse 1: D G A ( G form) I'm a long gone Waylon song on vinyl D G A ( G form etc) I'm a back row sinner at a tent revival Bm A G But she believes in me like she […]

Legacy Tabs – Memphis May Fire V2


In A Song chords V3 - Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes photos

——————————————————————————- In A Song – Hunter Hayes ——————————————————————————- : calmhouse calmhouse1997 Tuning: Capo on 1st Intro: G C e|———————————————————————-| B|—–3–0———–0—–3–0————0-1h—–1–0———0-1h–| G|———–2-0-0–2h————2-0—0-2h—————2-0-2——–| D|————————————0————2——————–| A|———————————————–3———————-| E|–3——————–3———————————————-| C e|———————————-| B|——3–0—————-0——-| G|————2–0——0-2h——–| D|—-2————-0-2h————| A|–3——————————-| E|———————————-| G It was the heart that I gave, the dreams that I made, with someone who don't care C The time that I wasted […]

Oceandust chords – Hands Like Houses V5


I didnt like the other capo versions so I made my own. I really am not that great at guitar, Im a vocalist so I wanted to make the easiest way I could play and have it still sound good. Artist: Hands Like Houses Song: Oceandust Oh by the way I don't know what these […]

Misery Business Tabs – Paramore V12


Forever chords V2 - Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe photos

Forever – Kari Jobe To match the voice play an Esus instead of an E , Esus is just adding your ring finger under your middle finger, like an A on the A,D.G, strings, so basically moveing an A chord shape up a string Play around with it comment and rate! D# or Eb tunning. […]

Love And Affection chords – Joan Armatrading


Artist: Joan Armatrading Song: Love and affection : DJ 15th April 2014 C#m7 = x46600 F#11 = 244300 Bbmaj7 = x13231 F#13 = 2×4340 Aadd9 = 577600 Bsus4 = x24400 A6 = 507670 E = 022100 D#5 = x688xx B6add11 = 7×9890 Badd11 = 799800 A7/E = 002020 Emaj7 = 066400 Emaj7/G# = 466400 or […]

Judith Rules Tabs – I See Stars


Am I Wrong chords V2 - Yui

Yui photos

YUI – Am I Wrong Standard tuning Capo on 2nd Em C G D Am7 F# E A E|–0–|–0–|–3–|–2–|–0–|–2–|–0–|–0–| B|–0–|–1–|–0–|–3–|–1–|–2–|–0–|–2–| G|–0–|–0–|–0–|–2–|–0–|–3–|–1–|–2–| D|–2–|–2–|–0–|–0–|–2–|–4–|–2–|–2–| A|–2–|–3–|–2–|–0–|–0–|–4–|–2–|–0–| E|–0–|–0–|–3–|–0–|–0–|–2–|–0–|–0–| Intro: Em C G // Em C D // Verse 1: G C Damatteita sore wa YES ka NO dake de G C Kimerarerai koto datte sugu ni wakattakara Em D […]

Red River Valley chords – Marty Robbins



How Can I Tabs – Laura Marling


Saved The Day chords – Phillips Craig And Dean


Saved the Day CAPO 3 Em C G Bm The darkest day in history was over –All was lost on the cross Em C Beaten, battered, bruised beyond description G B You gave it all, what went wrong? G C This couldn't be the end of Heaven's story G Bm 'Cause You came to save, […]

Sirens Tabs – Angels And Airwaves V8


Rescue Me Tabs – Kxm


That Fear Fever Tabs – Letlive


Truth Or Dare chords – Emily Osment


Emily Osment – Truth or Dare Capo 3 Am … Am … Am … I got a secret, I'm telling everyone Am … Am … Don't wanna keep it, I wanna play it dumb E … E … Am … Am … I made a promise I think I'm ready to break Am … Am […]

Dry Bones chords – Worship Central


DRY BONES (GOD IS HERE) Verse 1 G God is here Em Moving in our hearts C Looking to pour out His love G Abundantly in us We are here Longing to be changed Breathe into our lives again Don't let us leave the same Chorus G Spirit of God D Fire of love Em […]

Under African Skies chords - Paul Simon

Paul Simon photos

————————————————————————— Under African Skies – Paul Simon ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Paul Simon Under African Skies (1986) (Paul Simon) From: "Graceland" ————————————————————————— There is a main lick or riff, which is played as single notes on an electric guitar. Using a capo, it is possible to integrate this lick into the accompaniment. Here’s a […]

15 Minutes Tabs – Egypt Central