A Love To Last A Lifetime Jose Mari Chan chords

Intro: D-A/D-G/D-A/D-

         D               DM7
   We're all just merely passing through
         Bm                     B/Eb
   Doing what we can do in our lifetime
           Em              C/E
   We have more than one adventure to take
              A                       A7sus  A7
   More than one dream to make in our lifetime
          D           Daug      Em
   As for me there's only one dream
                 Db/F          D
   And that's to love you, my love
           B7            Em      A7sus,A7,
   With a love to last a lifetime.

           D                  DM7
   We're fools, we'd sometimes do crazy things
            Bm                             B/Eb
   And our hearts would take wings like a sparrow
               Em                 C/E
   But that's life, we'll take each day as it comes
   Never leaving the crumbs for tomorrow
          D           Daug
   As for me, all my days
          G                  Gm
   I will spend them all with your
          D                 A7     G       D
   Loving you with love to last a lifetime

   If we all could leave something lasting
   Behind to be remembered by
  F#m     E
   Just a song from me and then at least
   I would have tried

       D               DM7
   I agree it's not so much what we have
             Bm                       B/Eb
   As how we use what we have in our lifetime
           Em               C/E
   Thirty years is worth a hundred and two
   It's really what we can do in our lifetime
           D             Daug
   All my love I would give
          G             Gm
   For as long as I may live
          D                   A7       D
   With a love, true love to last a lifetime

         A/D-G/D- A/D-G/D- A/D-G/D- 
   La la la la ....

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