A Perfect Christmas Chords – Jose Mari Chan

Standard Tuning

E               G#m               
my idea of a perfect Christmas 
A                    E
is to spend it with you 
A              E         C#m
in a party or dinner for two
F#m            B
anywhere would do
G                Bm
celebrating the yuletide season
C                     G
always lights up our lives
C                     G
simple pleasures are made special too
Am                      E  -  B
when they're shared with you

          E                     G#m
looking through some old photographs
           A                       E
faces of friends we'll always remember
          E                      G#m
watching busy shoppers rushing about
        A                F#m
in the cool breeze of december
           G#m             C#m
sparkling lights, all over town
             E            A
children's carols in the air
by the christmas tree
   F#m         B              E
a shower of stardust on your hair

E hold  
I cant think of a better Christmas
A                   E
than my wish coming true
A                     E             C#m
and my wish is that you'd let me spend
   F#m      B       E
my whole life with you

Adlib: G - Bm - C - G
       C - G - Am - E - B   (repeat refrain)

A               E          
my idea of a perfect christmas
F#m          B        E     A -  E - F#m - B - E
is spending it with you

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