Alexander Supertramp chords – Real Friends

 "Alexander Supertramp" by Real Friends
Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life (2012)
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( thewickedrobot)
Tuning: Half Step Down

Outro Chords (Listen to song for chord/rhythm change):         

           E5 E5 *

        e|-0-|          e|-0-|
        B|-0-|          B|-0-|
        G|-9-|          G|-8-|
        D|-9-|          D|-9-|
        A|-7-|          A|-6-|
        E|---|          E|---|

Intro:  C#m Bm C#m A 
Growing up is giving up
I'll sleep sideways on the bed in my moms basement 
It's where I feel at home
 Bm C#m E 
You'll sleep with regret and no heart left in your chest
I don't want to end up like you
       Bm A 
Your eyes are set on what you'll never have
                      Bm C#m 
There's days I feel like a different person 
        A Bm C#m E 
But I always come back to who I really am 

 A E 
 The American dream is dead, I'm still just a kid
            A E 
Balancing on the sidewalks of this suburban town
 A E C#m  
 Maybe this year I'll be able to stand up on my feet
Or maybe I'll fall again
 A E 
 I never want to grow out of this skin
That's been dragged through the dirt 
             Bm A 
That's what made me find happiness 

Interlude:  A E5 E5 *  A E5 E5 *

                A E5 
My thumbs are broken but I'll take these broken thumbs 
  E5 *                   A 
Over your grip on an empty life
            E5 E5 *  A E 
Your empty life

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