Amys Song Chords – Switchfoot

The second chord of the intro might be G/f# or D/F# cuz the chord is 
not very clear in the original song, but personally I think G sounds better.

D     G
Amy's gone
    D          G
And time rolls on
    D        G       D
How far? How fast? How long?

Verse 1:
    D                G
The last time we saw Amy
        D              G
She was headed for the shore
D                G             D    G
Fighting off the volatile gray skies

Verse 2:
         D             G
She said now begins forever
         D                  G
And that no one knows their time
   D                G
We bid farewell not knowing
           D                G
That might be our last good-bye

 Amy was a fighter
F#m7                   G2
     She cut like Casius Clay
She burned like a fire
Despite these rains
 Where time was a question
F#m7               G2
    She only knew one song:
                     Bbmaj7    A7      D (lead into interlude)
She's singing, "How far, how fast, how long?"

Interlude 1: D D/G D

Verse 3:
   D            G
Salvation is a fire
         D               G
In the midnight of the soul
   D                G              D G
It lights up like a can of gasoline

Verse 4:
      D                 G
Yeah, she's a freedom fighter
             D               G
She's a stand up kind of girl
      D               G
She's out to start a fire
        D                  G
In a bar code plastic world


Interlude 2: D D/G (x4)

Verse 5:
     D                (G)
When everything stops moving
      D                     (G)
And I stop to catch my breath
    D                  (G)
And ride my train of thought
                 D (G)
All the way round

Verse 6:
   D                  G
My thoughts return to Amy
         D              G
And the fire she's begun
    D                    G
She came when we were freezing
    D               G
And left us burning up


Outro: D G (x3) D and fade out

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