No Brain – MxPx Chords

No Brain
On the Cover
(c) 1996 Tooth and Nail

verse:palm mute a C and then play' 
d--3--2--   F,G,     d--3--2--5
a---------3             a-----------

Gave her milk, milk and cookies
Gave her everything even cooties.

pre chorus:
F                     G
That girls insane,
F                                         G
suprised she even knows my name
F                           G 
since the day we met
that girls got no brain

chorus:C, F, G
whoa that girls got no brain

There was something strange 
something strange about her
never spoke a word 
or moved a muscle



third verse just play the chords (listen to tne song to see how it goes)

I promise to make up words 
right about know
I haven't decided 
what they'll be



well that's it.  

                                                Mike Carlile.

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