Bring Me Down Rivermaya chords

Intro: D-, Dsus, G-; (3x)
          D-Dsus-D pause

      D     G
   Is it unfair
  D             G
   Would you beware
  D            Bm              C-G/B-A7sus-A7
   If I might catch you in a stare
        D              G
   Now tell me if it's okay
         D                     G
   If I walk past your door today
        D             Bm               C-G/B-A7sus-A7
   I'm runnin' out of happy things to say.

           Refrain: (pause after each chord)
       Em                     Bm
   But I  don't need a funny line
          G                        D
   'Cause nobody laughs at (a/my) castle
   That's (crawling/crumbling/crumbles) down
   With every word you, every game you
  G           A
   Every heh-heh-heh-hey.

  D           G
   C'mon now tell me
  D               G              D
   Would it be a better day for you
      Bm            G-D/F#-Em-
   If you bring me down?

   Interlude: D-, Dsus, G-; (2x)

   You got your coat and tie
   And you're looking so cool
        D              G
   In front of the TV cam'ra (yeah)
  D            Bm              C-G/B-A7sus-A7
   All that just to tell us we'll be gone
        D              G
   Now tell me is it all OK
         D                     G
   If I told you you're all funky and gay
        D             Bm               C-G/B-A7sus-A7
   Does anyone ever have a happy thing to say?

   (Repeat Refrain & Chorus)

   Ad lib: C-F-C/E-F-
           Dm-A-; (2x)
           D-G-; (2x)

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

             G    D/F#      Em
   Bring me down (bring me down) (2x)
           G     D/F#  Em-D-, Dsus, G
   Bring me down   (oh).

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