Can Find No Reason Chords – Louie Heredia

  Note: Original chord is 1/2 step higher, G#

   Intro: G-Am-G-

    G    Bm             C
   Nighttime passed me by
     D              Bm      Em
   Dream of holding you tonight
      Am             D7
   But emptiness surrounds me
    G    Bm              C
   Love, say you'll be mine
         D                Bm      Em
   I'll love you till the end of time
         Am       D7     (Am,D7,)
   Don't say goodbye now

   G      Bm
                 C               Bm7
   Can find no reason why I'm longing
             C                  Bm7
   For your touch and your embracing
       Am         D7
   Be mine tonight
   G     Bm
                C             Bm7
   You are the reason for my being
                 C                Bm7   Am
   You are the thought of all my dreams
  D7          G    Am,Bm,C-D-
   You're my love

    G    Bm              C
   Love, say you'll be mine
       D             Bm      Em
   I hold you in my arms tonight
          Am          D7
   Don't leave me dreaming

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... love

   Adlib: G-Bm-C-D-C-Bm-

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... love

   Oh hoh hoh
  D7           EM7
   You're my love

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