Cardiff Giant Chords – Mewithoutyou

These lead lines are played over the chords throughout most of the song:

A                       F#m           D
Ragged robbins for the curtain call
A                         F#m            D
Wrapped in ribbons on the trailer door
A                       F#m              D
Carved initials in a concrete footstall
A                 F#m          D
On the imitation marble floor
A                     F#m           D
We're the boxtop admissions and their throwaways,
A               F#m     D
Strewn across tobacco roads
A                    F#m             D
With their wormwood shots and their snake oil plots
A                  F#m            D
Drunk sheepshank con men and their sycophants

A F#m D
And I 
A        F#m              D
I often wonder if I've already died

[GUITAR DROPS OUT; Only bass/drums play for a frame]

A               F#m         D
Out at elbows by the encore
A                    F#m      D
But there's a citadel inside
A                          F#m           D
Where I'll go and shape my heart like yours,
A                  F#m      D
As you shape yours like mine
A                          F#m            D
Where we're the spiraling arms of all galaxies
A                      F#m           D
And we're the microscopic sand
A                              F#m         D
Suffering from delusions of ungrandeur on middling display
A                    F#m              D      A F#m D
Beside the Cardiff giant with the alabaster eyes

A         F#m            D     A F#m D
I often wonder if I've already died
A        F#m              D
I often wonder if I've already died,

[BRIDGE]: repeat 4x

Or if the 'I' 
if the 'I'
A           D
is an unintelligible lie 


Off we flew like swarms of hornets
F#m              D
'Woken up' from winter's rest
To colonize with plastic pulp
      F#m               D
Our neighbor's perfect paper nest
While all year round potter wasp
      F#m          D
Has buzzed her unhinged song
You can hear its creaking in our floorboards
F#m                  D
Megalomania's only mania if you're wrong

A, F#m, D x2
A (strummed a few times during the instrumental outro)

A: e|---|    F#m: e|-2-|       D: e|-2-|
   B|-2-|         B|-2-|          B|-3-|
   G|-2-|         G|-2-|          G|-2-|
   D|-2-|         D|-4-|          D|-0-|
   A|-0-|         A|-4-|          A|---|
   E|---|         E|-2-|          E|---|

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