Christmas Won't Be The Same Martin Nievera chords

Intro: G#-EbM7-B-Bb7 pause

  EbM7                 G#
   It's the time of year when good friends are near
  EbM7                         Fm7  Bb7
   Tryin' hard to find a quiet moment
  EbM7                 G#
   Sharing love and joy, children with their toys
  EbM7          (Eb/G, Db/F)        Bbm7-Eb7
   Sadness fills my heart to see you go

  G#                Bb                 Gm-Cm
   Christmas won't be the same without you 
  G#                Bb                Eb-Bbm7-Eb7
   Christmas won't be the same if you go
  G#             G            Cm  Cm/Bb
   All I need to see standing by my
              G#       G#m
   Christmas tree (is you)
  Eb                 Fm7   Bb7      Eb
   Christmas won't be the same without you

  EbM7            G#
   I remember when the times we used to spend
  EbM7                             Fm7   Bb7
   Walking hand in hand until the sun sets
  EbM7                     G#
   Then came Christmas eve, the wish you gave to me
  EbM7        (Eb/G, Db/F)          Bbm7-Eb7
   How I wish I tried to make you stay

   (Repeat Chorus)

            Cm           Gm
   It's been a long, long time
             Bbm Eb7 G#
   I need you by my side
  G#m       F#                Bb
   Hold me tight and don't let go
   Let go

   (Repeat Chorus moving chord 1/2 step <A> higher, 
    except last word)

                E   F#m7-B
            ... you

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

  E                F#m7    B  
   Christmas won't be the same 
  G#m               A       Am
   (Christmas won't be the same)
  C#m7             F#m7    B   pause
   Christmas won't be the same
   Don't go

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