Deryl Dodd – The Bitter End Chords

Album: Deryl Dodd
song: The Bitter End
Artist: Deryl Dodd
Written by Deryl Dodd and Kenny Beard
Transcribed by Dave Dube Sr. and Jr.
Courtesy of Sony Music International

			The Bitter End

F           Am
Hey man I'm glad you asked 
Bb			   C
Cause I no more about that than I want to 
Dm                  F
And I'll share with you 
F                Am       
I you don't work things o ut
And save your love somehow
You'll know it then
Dm                F
What it's like at the bitter end

Bb			Am	     C
First comes a downpour, an emotional uproar
Bb 		Gm	       F
Brought on by I don't love you anymore
F 		       C
Followed by a slamming door
Bb                       Am           Gm
Then old lonely movsts in and the hurt begins
That's what it's like my friend
Gm            C         F                 
If you let it come to a bitter end

F		   Am
If time were on my side
And it would let me fly back to the night
C            F
Of our last fnight
F                    Am      
Then I could hold my tongue
An d hold on to the one
I should have never let go
Dm                   F   
Then I wouldn't have to know

Chorus...Everything but the downpour



F                     Am     Bb                           C
Hey man, I'm glad you asked, cause I know more about that than I want to

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