Don't Say Goodbye Pops Fernandez chords

Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (D#)

   Intro: D--F#m--

  D                                    F#m
   Today I heard my favorite song on the radio
     D                               F#m
   I closed my eyes and saw our first hello
     D                                A
   And then I saw the time we fell in love
           E/G#      F#m
   In each others' arms
      D                         E
   I open my eyes and you were gone

  D                          F#m
   Suddenly I realized how I love you so
      D                                F#m
   And how I get surprised without your love
   Since the time we said goodbye
        A      E/G#      F#m
   It's hard to make you stay
   D                          E
   How I wish you'd never go away

                D           E            A
   Don't say goodbye, it's hard to let you go
    D                 E            A
   Tomorrow seems so far away for me to know
             F#m         E         D  E/G#     A
   If you and I will always be in love forevermore
         D        A            E pause
   Just leave me with the memories    
          D-F#m       D-F#m       
   All alone,  all alone

  D                                 F#m
   Today I read your letters and waited for your call
     D                            F#m
   I wondered if you think of me at all
   And then I turn the radio on
        A         E/G#    F#m
   And heard our fav'rite song
    D                                 E
   Then I knew you'll soon be coming home

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

   All alone

   (Repeat Chorus)

   D                              F#m           D
   Today I heard our fav'rite song on the radio
   All alone 

   Coda: D-F#m-; (Repeat to fade)

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