Eb/Db Bb/F Eb/Db Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7-5


Em Em/D Em/C# Em/C Bsus4

B       Em
Tell me quickly what's the story
Who saw what and why and where?
        Em/C#          Em/C
Let him give a full description
        Bsus4  B    Em
Let him answer to Javert!

   D7                       G
Javert, would you believe it?
      F                  C
I was lost here in the dark
          D7           G
When this prostitute attacked me
        F                B7
You can see she left her mark

She will answer for her actions
If you make a full report
        Em/C#           Em/C
You may rest assured, M'sieur,
              Bsus4  B      Em
That she will answer to the court.

          D7               G
There's a child who sorely needs me
         F                     C
Please M'sieur, she's but that high
     D7               G
Holy God, is there no mercy?
     F                 B7
If I go to jail she'll die!

I have heard such protestations
Every day for twenty years
           Em/C#         Em/C
Let's have no more explainations
          Bsus4  B          Em
Save your breath, save your tears
       G/D          Em/C#
Honest work, just reward,
           C      B          Em
That's the way to please the Lord.

Fm/C                  Gm7/D 
     A moment of your time, Javert
Fm/C        Gm7/D              Fm/C
     I do believe this woman's tale

But M'sieur Mayor!

   You've done your duty
Let her be
Bbm            Cm7           Bbm
   She needs a doctor, not a jail.

But M'sieur Mayor!

Can this be?

      Gb       Fm
Where will she end -
     Gb              Am
This child without a friend?

I've seen your face before
Am                     Em
   Show me some way to help you
F                      C/E
  How have you come to grief
   Gsus4        G  C
In such a place as this?

Fm                               Eb/G
   M'sieur, don't mock me now, I pray
Abm                              Eb/Bb
   It's hard enough I've lost my pride
Cm                              Gm/Bb
   You let your foreman send me away
              Fm/Ab             Gsus4 G
Yes, you were there, and turned aside

Am                Em
   I never did no wrong

Is it true, what I have done?

Am                        Em
   My daughter's close to dying

To an innocent soul?

F                   C
  If there's a God above

Had I only known then...

     Gsus4        C
He'd let me die instead

       Bb      Am7           Gm   Eb
In His name my task has just begun
I will take her to the hospital

But M'sieur Mayor!

Dm7 Eb Dm7

Eb            F
I will see it done!
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