H8M4Ch1N3 Hatemachine intro Tabs – The Neighbourhood

H8M4CH1N3 - The Neighbourhood
Here's the main lick to the song...it really just repeats over and over again, with pauses in some places.
You are the only one, the only one, the only one for me
You are the only one, the only one, the only one
I am the chosen one, the chosen one, the chosen one for you
I am the chosen one, I froze your lungs, your breath tells me the truth
I know that you know, I know that you know, and he knew it too
When I walked in the room, what I could have done
I should've left, yeah I should've went, but I couldn't go
He is your plan, but I am your lie
[Chorus x2:]
I am a slave to these, make believe, things you say to me
And I've built this hate machine of broken dreams and the wall did crumble
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