Hate Rivermaya chords

Intro: G break D-Em-C-G-D-Em-C-

  D                 Em              C-G
   Well, if you're happy then I'm blue
  Bm                   C               Am-
   'Cause I'm not so far but not with you
       D               Em                C     G
   And I can't see why we can't see each other
     Bm             Em                A-D-Dsus-D-
   I telephone but you're sleepin' forever.

                 G                 D           
   (Oh/Maybe) I hate you for the things you do 
           C      G
   But I love you and curse you for your beauty
                           D             C-Em
   That makes me make some poetry about love
       G                 D            C      G
   And I don't think you even think about me
                     Em hold                A hold
   If only you were smiling, if I was your reason
      C   Bm, Am       G pause G break
   Tomorrow, I could die.

  D                    Em                   C-G
   I can only pray my absence will change you, oh
  Bm                   C               Am
   Pretend that you're the one who needs my love 
       D               Em                C     G
   But you celebrate 'cause, yes, why should you miss me
     Bm             Em             
   Oh, when you know darn well,
                                A-D-D break
   I'd die just to bring us together.

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)
      F             Em
   Tomorrow I could die.

   Ad lib: A-Em-A-

  C                    G
   And this is not a love song
  Cm/Eb                    G        D-Em-C--
   Don't even think it's your song,    oh.

   (Repeat Chorus except last 2 lines)

                     Em pause A pause
   If only you were smiling
      C              D-Em-C-G
   Tomorrow I could die
            D-Em-C hold C, Bm, Am, G
   I would die.

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