Hold On Shamrock chords

Intro: Em-F#m-G-; (2x)

  Bm     A          G        Em
   Hey baby, how's life been movin' on?
  Bm       A       G
   I can't deny it, now you're gone
  Bm              A
   This is the first time
   Can I make it through?
  Em                 F#m7          G        A
   Without you now, do the things I used to do

  Bm          A            G        Em
   It's getting harder to ease the pain
  Bm             A      G
   The feeling changes, love still remains
  Bm             A           G
   I don't know how if I can get this right
   Maybe given time
          F#m7            G        A
   I'll make the most of what I've got

  G                               F#m
   Is this the (price/love) we (pay/have)
   With all the good times we shared?
    Em                 D
   Faithfully, we've got a reason to go on
    G                      F#m
   I know it's good to be true
   Just spend the nights with you
   Let me tell you that our love can make it through

    D              Bm7
   Hold on, baby hold on
       G         F#m             Em7         A
   We've got to go on now, this feeling so strong
    D            Bm7
   Hold on, baby hold on
           Em                     G
   It's a burning desire comin' right down the wire

  Bm        A          G           Em
   Sweet talking, it's all in the line
               Bm      A
   There's no turning back
              G            G/B
   Unless you make up your mind
  Bm          A            G
   The expectations after all these years
   Em7            F#m7          G               A
   Risin' to the moment, let's forget all our fears

   (Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

   Adlib: Bb-C-Am7-D-Db-

  G                      A
   And when the night is over
                     G         F#m    Em    A
   Well, no one can deny it, got to believe in
          G             A
   We couldn't ask for more 

   Than to hold each other tight
  G                 Em              F#m      G  A
   It's just we'll never take things for granted

   (Repeat Chorus)

   (Repeat Chorus except last 2 words)

   Right down the wire

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