I Remember The Boy Joey Albert chords

Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (Eb)

   Intro: D-C-A7-

  D                                  A/C#-F#7sus-F#7
   Today I heard them play the song again 
      Bm            Bm/Bb                Am-D7
   An old familiar strain from way back when 
    G        A/G         F#m-F#m7
   Ev'ry note and ev'ry line 
         Bm            E                A7
   It's always been a fav'rite song of mine 

       D                             A/C#-F#7sus-F#7
   It used to haunt me so some years ago 
   Bm               Bm/Bb            Am-D7
   Reminds me of the boy I used to know 
    G         A/G   F#m          Bm
   And although the melody lives on 
        E               E7               A7
   The mem'ries and the boy are all but gone 

                      D    D/F#                 G
   (And/So) while the song still brings that certain glow 
             Em     Em7         A         A7
   And the words still sing of love I know 
             D         D7           G  Gm
   It isn't quite the way it was before 
   I remember the boy 
          Em                  A           D-C-A7
   But I don't remember the feelings anymore 

        D                            A/C#-F#7sus-F#7
   The promises we made seem easier then 
     Bm              Bm/Bb             Am-D7
   As if we knew our love would never end 
         G           A/G         F#m       Bm
   But seasons change and time erases the tears 
        E             E7         A
   As swiftly as the rivers disappear 

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

   I remember the boy 
          Em                  A pause     D-C-B
   But I don't remember the feelings anymore 

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