I'm Every Girl Lou Bonnevie chords

Intro: Em-D,Em-D,D,

  Em     Bm              C
   I, I got no time for love
   Em        Bm                  C
   Boy, my heart's not ready for that
   Am           D           Bm        Em
   I am just a girl who's tryin' to live my life
   Am           D          Bm             Em
   Gotta do it right, I'm gonna take my chance
          C           Am          B7-D,D,
   Gotta move, 'cause now is the time

   Em    Bm             C
   I, I got my life to live
      Em     Bm             C
   And I, I got so much to give
        Am             D
   I'm makin' all the shots
       Bm      Em
   I'm heading to the top
      Am          D    Bm         Em
   I'm not giving up, ain't gonna stop
    C         Am            B7
   Now gonna give it all I got

         Em            D       C
   I'm every girl, it's all in me
      C,D,Em          D       C
   And now there's no stopping me
      C,D,Em                    D       C
   Yes I'm, I'm every girl, it's all in me
   I'm on my way

  Em       Bm              C
   I, it's in my heart, so dream
          Em         Bm                C
   And my song just keeps the fire burning
      Am          D          Bm           Em
   I gotta do it like for my dream meets me on
      Am          D    Bm        Em        C
   I gotta do it now, gotta be strong and free
   Am        B7
   Got to be me

   (Repeat II)

   Adlib: Em-D,Em-

   (Repeat Chorus 4x, fade)

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