I'm Ready - Royal Trux

Tuning: Standard EADGbe

If you're a Trux fan or you're just following these tabs I'm making
Shoot me a message and we can talk Trux.

I wear a slide on my ring finger for this one. 
Those C's & D's at the bridge I play just the b & A strings with my pointer and middle finger,
letting the G ring out and muting the D. Or you can grab a friend to do all the background stuff.

I'm a big fan of theirs and I've collected loads of live bootlegs.
Some of which I take tab inspiration from, but for the most part I just tab a mix of
what I play and what Neil plays. Whatever seems right.
Like this first part- those chords AFAIK show up live only.
On the album it's this descending distorted drums/traintracks sound that isn't quite guitar.
Maybe when you play it just have your drummer stomp it out over your playing!

Have fun!

e |-----XX--2-2-3-4-|-2~2-3~~~~-------|
b |-----XX--2-2-3-4-|-3~3-3~~~~-2~~~--|
G |-----XX--3-3-4-5-|-2~2-0~~~~-2~~~--| main riff (chorus?)
D |-----XX--4-4-5-6-|-0~0-------2~~~--| repeat til verse
A |-----XX----------|-----------0~~~--| "Now you know I'm readayyy!"
E |-----XX--2-2-3-4-|-----3-2-3-------| "Can't you see I'm readayy!"
  (6 count in...)

    Bm      Bm/A  G       D/F#  E          A
e |-------------|-3~-3-3--2-2-|-0~--------|----|
b |-3~-3-3--3-3-|-3~-3-3--3-3-|-0~--------|2~~-| (Next Rhythm Part tabbed here for accuracy)
G |-4~-4-4--4-4-|-0~-0-0--2-2-|-1~--------|2~~-|
D |-4~-4-4--4-4-|-0~-0-0--0-0-|-2~---2~~--|2~~-|
A |-2~-2-2--0-0-|-2~-2-2------|-2~---2~~--|0~~-|
E |-------------|-3~-3-3--2-2-|-0~---0h3b/|----|

(Rhythm guitar chords)
Bm~~~                                 xx Bm Bm, Bm/A Bm/A
One more time aroundtheblockwit meee
G~~~                            xx G G, D/F# D/F#
One more time around the block
E~~~                                 E E (or E|-0-3/-)
One more time aroundtheblockwit meee
Just for meeee

(Lead guitar slide melody)
    Bm~~~              Bm Bm  A A  G~~~~              G G D/F# D/F#
E |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
B |-/15~~--17/19~~--19-19/20\19-|-/17~\15~-15/19\12~--12-14/15-|
G |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
D |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
A |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
    E~~~~                   E 3b/ A~~~~               F# F# G G# D~(into verse)
E |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
B |-17~~-15~-14/15/14-12~~-14/12|/10~~~~~---------(*)b~~-------|
G |-----------------------------|-------------(*)--------------|
D |-----------------------------|---------------(*)------------|
A |-----------------------------|-----------(*)----------------|
E |-----------------------------|------------------------------|
                                      (random noisy harmonics)

Repeat all above, then-

     C CCC CCC CCC CCD DDD DDD DDD DDC (etc/repeat)
"I'mreadyI'mreadyI'mreadyI'mreadyI'm REDDAYYY"


| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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