It Must Be You Moses Chords – Bart Millard V2

 This is a slight correction to another chart I saw.  This is as the recording 
goes.  Hope this helps.

Capo 3

Intro:   G C G D  (2x)

             Em C G D 
I'd like to look in the mirror, without hiding my eyes
             Em C G D 
I'd like to see what You see, why You think I'm qualified
              Em C G D 
To speak for You, O God, Most High
             Em C G D 
Who hides a baby in the reeds of a river, until he's grown?
             Em C G D 
Gives him a stage and the strength to deliver his people home?
            Em C 
'Cause I'm tongue tied, weak in the knees
         G/B D 
Must be something You only see

             G D 
If there's anything good, anything that's good in me
                  Em C G Gsus G 
Well, it must be You, must be You
                G D 
And if there's any part of my shaking heart to see this journey through
            Em C G D 
It must be You; it must be You
         Em C G D 
Must be You; it must be You

Verse 2
            Em C G D 
Not gonna argue with fiery branches that speak my name
             Em C G D 
Not gonna start taking backward glances from where we came
            Em C G/B D 
'Cause tomorrow's holding our dreams, but today I'm here on my knees

Instrumental:  Em C G D 

          Em C 
O God of parting water; God of falling bread
        G/B C 
If my words should falter, will You speak instead?
              G C 
You must see something good, You must see something true
It must be You
            C G D Em C G/B D   (to chorus)
It must be You...

Outro:  Em C G/B C   end on  G
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