It's Over Now Kyla chords

Intro: G-Cm/G-G-Cm/G-

  G           Cm/Eb           G
   You, you turned and walked away
      Cm/Eb               G
   I didn't know what to say
               CM7    Bm7
   I close my eyes to hide
       Am7            D
   The pain I felt inside
   G      Cm/Eb      G
   I could never understand
       Cm/Eb            Em
   How love went out of hand
                      A7          D
   And now, there's nothing I can do

  G                    C/G
   Though the feelin' hasn't passed
  D/F#              G
   Sad to say our love didn't last
    Em                 Am
   Please don't ask me to pretend
   'Cause I know it's over
     Bb          Eb/G
   When I'm done forgetting you
    F/A                  Bb
   You can say what you wanna do
    Gm                 Cm
   Please don't ask me to pretend
         F                 Bb
   'Cause I know it's over now

  G         Cm/Eb        G
   Now, I'm left here all alone
       Cm/Eb         G
   A heart without a home
             CM7    Bm7
   How will I ever find
        Am7          D
   The love I left behind
  G          Cm/Eb              G
   Once the days were ours to share
       Cm/Eb          Em
   Now you don't even care
                       A7          D
   And there's still nothing I can do

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... now

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... now

   Adlib: G-C/G-D/F#-G-Em-Am-D-

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... now

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