Never Said Goodbye Martin Nievera chords

Intro: D, Bm, A-G-F#m-Em, F#m, G hold

   D                    Bm
   Travelling down the road
   Passing the signs that used to be
         Em             A
   I remember you and me
   D    A/C#         Bm       A
   The road that leads me home
              G          F#m
   Is too far for me to find
        Em            A
   The days we left behind

           Refrain 1
   G                  F#m
   Then the day you left me
       Em              (°F#m,)
   It took me by surprise
   G             F#m
   Do you really love me?
          C                A
   Still see it in your eyes

   (But) You never said goodbye
              A/C#     Bm
   You never heard me cry
                 A      G
   The day you left my side
                 Em            A(/C#) break
  ('Cause) You never said goodbye
      G/B      A     D
   I live my live alone
              A/C#       Bm
   Wonderin' what went wrong
                     A        G
   You're trapped inside my mind
                 Em            A--
   ('Cause) You never said goodbye

  D          A/C#      Bm
   And maybe I was wrong
   A             G 
   To think that we could ever be
           Em                A
   Was it enough for you and me?
   D             A/C#    Bm
   And we could have it all
         A     G 
   It's not too late to realize
        Em          A/C#, A
   The way we feel inside

          Refrain 2
   G                  F#m
   Then the day you left me
   Took me by surprise
   G                   F#m
   I know you really love me
         C                A hold
   I can see it when you cry

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: C-Am-D(/F#)-G-

   (Repeat 1st 4 lines of Chorus)

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <D#> higher,
    except last word)

   ... goodbye

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