One Chance With You Zsa Zsa Padilla chords

Intro: A--G-; (2x)

      A            E/G#
   If I could only make a wish
   F#m         E
   That would last forever
        D         E    A   E
   I'd wish that we belong together
       A            E/G#
   And if I close my eyes in prayer
        F#m        E
   And wait for an answer
     D             E
   I hope it'd be you standing there

       A             A/C#
   But I could only dream
      D        E
   Of holding you one more time
       A          A/C#
   And I could only whisper
   D     E        D               C#m
   Silent wishes longing for your love again
          Bm           E
   That's all I do to have
   One chance with you

   Interlude: A-G,F#m,E/G#

      A            E/G#
   If I could only be the one
      F#m     E
   You're holding in your arms
       D       E
   I'd love to feel the same way
      A         E
   She feels tonight
   A                  E                  F#m
   And if there's only one thing in the world
   I truly loved
       D               E
   Is when I had one chance with you

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Refrain moving chords 1/2 step <Bb> higher)

   Coda: Bb-Ab-Gm-Bb (hold)

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