Paddys Green Shamrock Shore Chords by Young Dubliners


All C chords played like this

For D* strum the D chord once with an open 3rd string then on the second strum hammer 
on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string and continue with strum pattern

For #D# do this


Then continue with strum pattern

D    D*    C    G   D#         x2

    D               D*              C          G     D#    D
And fare-thee-well, to Ireland, the land of my native home
   C         G            D                                             C         G 
It breaks my heart for to see friends part, for it's then the teardrops fall
      D       D*
I'm on my way to Amerikay, 
D                         C       G
will I ever see home once more
        D             D*
For I'm leaving behind the one I love
   C             G       D# 
on Paddy's green shamrock shore.

repeat INTRO 

Same strum pattern and chords throughout the rest of the song

The ship she lies in anchor, standing by the quay
May fortune bright shine down each night, as we sail out over the sea
Many ships have been lost, many lives it cost
on the journey that lies before
With a tear in my eye I'm bidding good-bye 
to Paddy's Green shamrock shore


So fare thee well my own true love, I'll think of you night and day
And a place in my mind you surely will find, although I am far away
Though I'll be alone far away from my home
I'll think of the good times once more
Until the day I can make my way back to
Paddy's green shamrock shore


Instrumental (same chord pattern as verses)

And now the ship is on the wave may heaven protect us all
With the wind in our sail well we surely can't fail 
on the voyage to Baltimore
my parents and friends they did wave till the end
till I could see them no more
then I took a chance, took one last glance 
at Paddy's green shamrock shore
     D                     D (hold)
then I took a chance, took one last glance 
   C (hold)      G (hold)       D (hold)
at Paddy's green shamrock shore

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