Wheels Acoustic Chords V2 - Foo Fighters

Beautiful Tab by Eminem


EMINEM – BEAUTIFUL STANDARD TUNING – EADGbe SOLO/OUTRO |————————————-| WARNING-IN THIS TAB, THE NUMBERS |LEGEND: | ARE NOT SPACED OUT ACCORDING TO |h HAMMER-ON | TIME. |p PULL-OFF | |s SLIDE | |b# BEND SO THAT IT SOUNDS LIKE THE # | |* LET RING | |=====================================| e|—13-15-15b16-15p13-13———–13*—13-11———————-| b|13———————16-16p13-13———–13-11b13————–| G|—————————————————–10————| D|——————————————————————-| A|——————————————————————-| E|——————————————————————-| e|——————————11b13r12_16s18-18b20-18b20-18b20-18b20r18-16*| b|————13-11-11p9h11p9–9———————————————| […]

Winnie The Poo Tab by Corpsefucking Art

photo Band: Corpsefucking Art Album: War Of The Toilet Gear Song: Winnie The Poo Written by Corpsefucking Art Copyright (c) Goregiastic Records, 2005 Version 1.0 – 10/21/2009 – 10/23/2009 Transcribed By: Ryan Kirkhoff E-Mail: theyshallfeast Code: . – palm mute x – Staccato , – slight palm mute ” – tremolo note h – hammer […]

Schöne Neue Welt Chords - Culcha Candela

Hour Of The Wolf Tab by Born From Pain


——————————————————————————- Hour Of The Wolf – Born From Pain ——————————————————————————- ARTIST : Born From Pain SONG : Hour Of The Wolf ALBUM : In Love With The End TABBED BY: h8urlife C-TUNING : C-F-Bb-Eb-G-C Intro: (3x) (1x) C#|————————-|———————–| G#|————————-|———————–| E#|————————-|———————–| B#|——-7-9-9————-|———————–| F#|-2~—-5-7-7—-^–^–^–|-7–7—–5–5–4-5-4–| C#|-0~–0——–0-6–4–3–|-5–5-5-5-3–3–2-3-2–| . . . . (3x) (1x) C#|—————————|———————–| G#|—————————|———————–| E#|—————————|———————–| B#|———7-9-9————-|———————–| F#|-2——-5-7-7—-^–^–^–|-7–7—–5–5–4-5-4–| C#|-0-0-0-0——–0-6–4–3–|-5–5-5-5-3–3–2-3-2–| […]

Know Your Quarry Chords - Biffy Clyro

I Was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps A Cowboy King Tab by Asking Alexandria


All the tabs on here were way off so I decided to make my own. Tab by TEDDY REISER * = palm mutes \ = slides X6 e|———————————————————–| B|———————————————————–| G|———————————————————–| D|———————————————————–| A|0–0—0–0—-0–0—0–0—0—0–0—0–0—0–0—-0–0| D|0–0—0–0—-0–0—0–0—0—0–0—0–0—0–0—-0–0| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * X2 e|———————————————————–| B|———————————————————–| G|—————————–10————-12——5——| D|0————-0————–x————–x——-x——| […]

We Stand Tab by All That Remains


Song: We Stand by All That Remains Tuning: D Standard (one step down) . = mute Guitar 1 – Intro —————————————————————-| —————————————————————-| ——————————9—————–9—————| —–10-9—–10-9——-10-9——-10-9—10-9—12-10-9——-| -000——000——00000——–000——0—————-12-10-| —————————————————————-| … … ….. … . ————————————————————| ————————————————————| ——————————9—————————–| —–10-9—–10-9——-10-9—–9-10-12—7-9-10———-| -000——000——00000——–0———0———12-10-9-| —————————————————-10-8–7-| … … ….. . . Guitar 2 – Intro (also join in on the muted open strings) —————————————————————| […]

Shedding Skin Tab by Pantera


================================================================================ P A N T E R A – S H E D D I N G S K I N ================================================================================ FAR BEYOND DRIVEN (c) 1994 East West Records Standard Tuning E A D G B E Note that the tuning on the CD track is 50 cents lower than that outlined in […]

Vanilla Twilight Tab by Owl City


Vanilla Twilight Tuning: Standard EADGBe Tabbed by: JJ.. yeah, my first tab, try this one…it can be played by two guitars, one leads, and the other is the rythm, just some tip, try listening for the note changes in the piano part on how he changes from chord to chord,that’s where you can base your […]

May The Sunshine Chords – Nazareth


G C May the sun, the sun shine bright, May the sun shine bright on you G C May the sun, the sun shine bright, May the sun shine bright on you F G Someone woke me up again last night, Talkin’ to me about my last time F G Don’t tell me I know […]

I Dont Love You Live Tab by My Chemical Romance V2


My Chemical Romance I Don’t Love You (Live in Hoboken,NJ) The Black Parade Is Dead Tabbed by:RyanC0215 Email:rcusa4 Tuning: Standard-EADGBe This is an update from the first version submitted under my name. Ray’s parts are now in it aswell. I have put all of Frank’s part in 1st and scroll down to see Ray’s part […]

Resistance Tab by Muse


——————————————————————————- RESISTANCE – Muse ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: halvies Email: stoogemaster333 Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) Intro (0:42 – 1:11) e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|——–7——————————–7——–7-9-10-9-7-9——-9-7—| D|-7-9-10—-10-9-10-7—–6-7-9-10–9-7-9——-10————-10———10| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—7———————————————————————–| D|9—10-9-7—10p9-7——————————————————–| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|——–7——————————–7——–7-9-10-9-7-9——-9-7—| D|-7-9-10—-10-9-10-7—–6-7-9-10–9-7-9——-10————-10———10| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—7———————————————————————–| D|9—10-9-7—10p9-7——————————————————–| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| This is the synthy/ambient part during the verse (1:14 – 1:39) e|—————————————————————————| B|—————————————————————————| G|—————————————————————————| […]

Temazcal Chords - Monsters Of Folk

No Stopping Me Chords - Miley Cyrus

Ice Chords - Lights

Lonely Road Chords – Mason Jennings


First off, tune your guitar a half step down (E flat, A flat, etc..) Note* all of the chords here are how you should position your hand on a tuned down not the actual notes, G=G flat, C=C flat etc.. intro: G (hammering on and off of the 2nd fret of the high e string […]

Bad Romance Chords - Lady Gaga

I Need To Know Chords - Kris Allen

Say Yeah Chords – Kiss


Tune one half step down. The chords are not relative to this. An E chord would in fact be an Eb. Listen to the song for timing et cetera. -INTRO- play once: e————–| B————–| G————–| D–77-9——–| A–55-7——–| E————–| Intro chord sequence (open chords). Listen to the song for timing and picking, it’s fairly easy. (Note […]

Fat Bottom Girls Chords - Kid Rock

All I Know Tab by Karnivool


Band: Karnivool Song: All I Know Album: Sound Awake (2009) Tuning: B F# B G B E Guitar : Distorted with reverb & delay One of my favorites tracks of the new album…Not sure if this is the right tuning for song because Drew said that the band will use some different tunings than the […]

Senorita Tab by Justin Timberlake


e|–7—6-4—————————-| B|–9—7-6–7-6-4———————| G|–7—7-7–7-6-4———————| D|———–6-4-2———————| A|————-6-4———————| E|–6—6-6–6————————-| Just this chords…on in on. I was looking for this tabs weeks!!! and it was find a good one. You just have to give them rhytm and that’s it. have fun

Happy Xmas War Is Over Chords - John Lennon

We Remember Chords - Jeremy Camp

Down Chords - Jay Sean

Sunshine Song Live Chords - Jason Mraz

Here I Am Chords – Jasmine Richards


(Chorus) C They tell you a good girl is quiet G That you should never ask why Am F Cause it only makes it harder to fit in C You should be happy, excited G Even if you’re just invited Am F Cause the winners need someone to clap for them (Post Chorus) F It’s […]

Like The Sun Tab by I Mother Earth


Song: Like the Sun Artist: I Mother Earth Album: The Quicksilver Meat Dream As tabbed by Joe Muggah Tune to standard B Riff b———————————————————| Gb——————————————————–| D——–9—–11–11/12——9—–11–11-/12————| A—7/9—–9————–9—–9————————| E———————————————————| B———————————————————| (continued) b———————————————————| Gb——————————————————–| D——-9—–11–12————————————–| A—10—–9———————————————-| E———————————————————| B———————————————————| Verse b—0–0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0–0—-0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0——–| Gb–8–8-8-8—8-8-8–8-8–8\3–3-3-3—3-3-3–3-3——–| D—9–9-9-9—9-9-9–9-9–9\4–4-4-4—4-4-4–4-4——–| A—9–9-9-9—9-9-9–9-9–9\4–4-4-4—4-4-4–4-4——–| E—7–7-7-7—7-7-7–7-7–7\2–2-2-2—2-2-2–2-2——–| B———————————————————| (continued) b—0–0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0—0–0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0———| Gb–5–5-5-5—5-5-5–5-5—0–0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0———| D—5–5-5-5—5-5-5–5-5—7–7-7-7—7-7-7–7-7———| A—5–5-5-5—5-5-5–5-5—5–5-5-5—5-5-5–5-5———| E—3–3-3-3—3-3-3–3-3—3–3-3-3—3-3-3–3-3———| B———————————————————| (continued) b—0–0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0–0—-0-0-0—0-0-0–0-0——–| Gb–8–8-8-8—8-8-8–8-8–8\3–3-3-3—3-3-3–3-3——–| D—9–9-9-9—9-9-9–9-9–9\4–4-4-4—4-4-4–4-4——–| A—9–9-9-9—9-9-9–9-9–9\4–4-4-4—4-4-4–4-4——–| […]

Yours Forever Tab by Hillsong


Song name: Yours forever, Artist: Hillsong United, Album: Across The Earth: Tear Down The Walls Intro tab: This is were i worked out how to play the tab E: ——————————————| B:——————————————-| G:——————————————-| D:9-9-7-9—7-4-7—–9-9-7-9—————-| A:——-7-5—————–7-5-7———–| E:———————————7———| And this is were they play it at hillsong, its exactly the same just a different position E: ——————————————| B:——————————————-| […]

Backbone Tab by Gojira


#———————————-PLEASE NOTE——————————–# #This file is the author’s own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #—————————————————————————–# #– File created with Instab – –# #—————————————————————————–# Author/Artist: Gojira Title: Backbone Album: From Mars To Sirius Transcribed by: Jaymz88 Tunning: D standard –||———————————————————–||————-| –||———————————————————–||————-| […]

Im Not For You Tab by Good Old War


——————————————————————————- I’m Not For You – Good Old War ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Ghost666-13 Email: ghost666-13 Ok, this is my first tab so be gentle. I know the other tab for this song is pretty good but it’s missing some key elements to the song, this may not be exactly how they play it on the […]

Laura Tab by Girls


Song: Laura Band: Girls Album: “Album” Tab by Devin Miller ****************************************************** 2 guitars: (1) Lead with Capo 4th fret (2) Rhythm with Capo 4th fret NOTE: I will tab the lead as if there is no capo. So although 4th fret would be considered “0”, here it is still “4”. The rhythm notes are relative […]

The Hope That House Built Tab by Future Of The Left


Guitar Intro e ———————-| B ———————-| G ———————-| D ———————-| A 2-0-2-6-0-5-55-444443-| E ———————-| (x4) Verse Part 1 e —————-| B —————-| G —————-| D —————-| A 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0-| E —————-| (x4) Verse Part 2 e ——————————–| B ——————————–| G ——————————–| D ————–2—————2-| A 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-0-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-0-| E ——————————–| Verse Part 1 e —————-| B —————-| G —————-| […]

Sinking Ships Chords – General Fiasco


Tuned one step down Chords Used E F#m* A* F#m C#m B A e|-0—0—0—0—0—0—0-| B|-0—0—0—0—5—0—0-| G|-1—1—1—2—6—4—2-| D|-2—2—2—4—6—4—2-| A|-2—x—0—4—4—2—0-| E|-0—2—x—0—x—x—x-| Not 100% on the lyrics!! Intro E F#m* A* Verse 1 E I’m bored I’m bored on a sinking ship F#m* I’ve lost a lot of time, lot of time on it A* I will watch […]

Love And Marriage Chords - Frank Sinatra

Chasm Tab by Flyleaf


Chasm, by Flyleaf Tabbed by Simon Campling INTRO 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + E:—————————–|—————————–| B:—————————–|—————————–| G:—————————–|—————————–| D:—————————–|—————————–| A:——0——0——-0—–0-|——0———————-| D:-10-9-0–12–0–10-9-0–12-0-|-10-9-0–12-7–7–9–10-9-10-| x2 VERSE 1 Guitar 1: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + E:—————–| B:—————–| G:-7—–7-7—–7-| D:-7—x-7-6—x-6-| A:-5—x-5-5—x-5-| D:—————–|x8 Guitar 2: [4th and 8th bar […]

Again Tab by Flyleaf V2


——————————————————————————- AGAIN – Flyleaf ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by Simon Campling I suspect that this song is actually played with guitars tuned to CGCFAD, but this still works, and if your bassist is playing a 5 string then they can get that low C in the last few choruses. INTRO Guitar 2: 1 2 3 4 5 […]

Alpha Dog Tab by Fall Out Boy V2


This song is awesome. It’s REALLY fun to play. It’s also one of my favorite songs. Intro E||————————————————–| B||—-66-88-1010—-66-88-1010—66-88-1010———| G||-77————-55———–33——————-| D||————————————————–| A||————————————————–| D||————————————————–| E||———————————| B||-10-10-10-11-10-11-10-11-10-6—-| G||———————————| D||———————————| A||———————————| D||———————————| E||————————————————–| B||—-66-88-1010—-66-88-1010—66-88-1010——10-| G||-77————-55———–33——————-| D||————————————————–| A||————————————————–| D||————————————————–| Verse: E||———————8–6-5-3————————————-| B||—6—-3-5-6—-5————–6—-3-5-6—-8—10—1010-8-6-5-| G||——————————————————————| D||——————————————————————| A||——————————————————————| D||——————————————————————| 4x Pre-Chorus: (No Guitar here but you could play this in palm mute) […]

Man With The Harmonica Tab by Ennio Morricone


Ennio Morricone – The Man with the Harmonica by: Neil R. Rose neil.damage.done Ya you can get the idea. I can’t figure out the strings section, which is epic but yea. This isn’t fully accurate. e|–12—-11——–12-|–12——-11—12–| B|———————|——13————| G|———————|——————–| D|———————|——————–| A|———————|——————–| E|———————|——————–| e|———-0–|———–0————-0————-0————0——| B|–1—4——|——–4————–4————-4———-4———-| G|————-|——————1————–2———-2————–| D|————-|—-6——————————————————| A|————-|———————————————————–| E|————-|———————————————————–| e|–0—–1–3–5—–5———–0——————8—8——————-| B|———————–3——3—-3–1–3–1————-7—————-| G|—————————————————————————| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| —— e|———0——————————–5——7–0—| […]

I Just Cant Wait To Be King Chords - Elton John

Behind Enemy Lines Tab by Demi Lovato


This Is my first tab. Intro (x1) e|—————————|—————————| B|——–5-5———5-5—-|——5-5——–5-5——-| G|——–5-5———5-5—-|——5-5——–5-5——-| D|—————————|—————————| A|—-5-5———5-5——–|—————————| E|—————————|–5-5——–5-5———–| Verse (3x) e|—————————|—————————| B|——–5-5———5-5—-|—————————| G|——–5-5———5-5—-|——5-5——–5-5——-| D|—————————|——5-5——–5-5——-| A|—-5-5———5-5——–|—————————| E|—————————|–5-5——–5-5———–| Chorus Dm G Well I’ve been walking, (walking) behind enemy lines C C/B Am And I’ve been fighting, fighting from the other side Dm G I’ve been saying, (saying) that I won’t fall this […]

Break Down Doors Tab by Default


Break Down Doors Default Elocation (2003) Break Down Doors: written by Dallas Smith, Jeremy Hora, Dave Benedict, and Danny Craig NOTE: I am not sure about the solo, but I think it’s pretty close. Just listen to the song and you should be able to figure it out. GTR I – Drop D Tuning (e,B,G,D,A,D) […]

Too Late Acoustic Chords – Dead By Sunrise


Am C G It’s cold and dark I think I’m going insane Am F G The end is coming its true Am C G I’m all alone and I am screaming your name Am F G It seems that’s all I can do F G Am C But it’s too late to turn back now […]

You Dont Belong To Me Tab by Daughtry


PTL Daughtry – you don’t belong to me From leave this town Tabbed by: Sanjeev George and Thomas George Submitted to and for only, the site for all your tab needs. Tuning: Drop Db Intro Guitar 1 eb|—————————————| Bb|—————————————| Gb|—-3-2—3-5—3-2—3-5—0—0——| Db|–0—–0—–0—–0—–0—3——–|x 2 Ab|—————————————| Db|—————————————| ====palm muted================= eb|—————————————| Bb|—————————————| Gb|—-3-2—3-5—3-2—3-5—0—0——| Db|–0—–0—–0—–0—–0—3——–|x 2 Ab|—————————————| Db|—————————————| Both […]

Several Ways To Die Trying Chords - Dashboard Confessional

Glendale Pd Hates Daggermouth Tab by Daggermouth


SONG: GLENDALE PD HATES DAGGERMOUTH ARTIST: DAGGERMOUTH ***best pop punk**** Pretty simple tab. It is in Eb. ( tune half step down ) Daggermouth kicks ass. Aint no party like a daggermouth party. Any questions or anything email guitar_spike INTRO Eb—————————————————————-| Bb—————————————————————-| Gb—————————————————————-| Db–9-999-9-9-9—–6/4/6——9-999-9-9-9—-6/4/2—————| X2 Ab–7-777-7-7-7—–4/2/4——7-777-7-7-7—-4/2/2—————| Eb————————————————0—————| … … Eb———–| Bb———–| Gb–Pick Scrape Db———–| […]

Face To Face Chords – Daft Punk


(strumming pattern dduudu whole song apart from verse) capo 2nd intro em em dsus4 cadd9 verse em dsus4 cadd9 (play one strum of em) em What’s going on ? dsus4 cadd9 Could this be my understanding em dsus4 cadd9 It’s not your fault I was being too demanding em dsus4 cadd9 I must admit it’s […]

Millers Angels Chords – Counting Crows


Capo 3 (all chords relative to capo) Verse: Em G D Miller’s angels in black and white Em G D Welcome everyone in Em G D Children dreaming of wrong and right Em G D Wrapped in grace and in sin Chorus: Am G C They come out of the blue sky Am G C […]

Glorious Day Chords - Casting Crowns

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