Ray Price – Soft Rain Chords

Soft Rain
 Ray Price
 [D] Soft Rain was [D7] falling when [G] you said goodbye,
 [A7] Thunder and lightning filled my heart in-[D] side.
 A love born in [D7] heaven had [G]suddenly died,
 And the [A7] soft rain was teardrops, for the angels all [D] cried.
 If [A7] love can be perfect, [D] ours must have been,
 But [A7 perfection is always des-[D] troyed by men.
 The rain whispered [D7] softly, "a [G] true love just died."
 And the [A7] soft rain was teardrops for the angels all [D] cried.
 The rain started falling when you said goodbye.
 And lightning came crashing from out of the sky.
 The sky that was bright blue turned slowly to gray,
 And the angels cried with me as you walked away.
 Repeat bridge >>
 Transcribed by Dave Stark

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