Rocket To The Moon Chords – Runrig

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: G, G

G             D     G
Here hangs an open landscape
G           D        Em
A wild and huge frontier
G                   D      C     G
From a harsh and a barren wasteland
G                 D                G
Through the grave to the promised field
G              D            G
You came, you trapped, you charted
G                      D          Em
You laid the railroads and the schemes
G                   D       C     G
And you tamed this land by enterprise
G            D              G
And by the power of your dreams

         Em             D
But you made this Clan great
         G                C
And you made this nation bloom
And you rose
With your people through the new world
        D             G
Like a rocket to the moon


G   C   G 
Oh  ho  oh

From the olden coasts of Ireland
From the Hebridean shores
With the forgotten chosen ones
Running from Europe in droves


There's a town in Manitoba
They say the windows touch the sky
But across the brine the shipyards close
In this garden flowers die

Still the homelands divide us
Like your blood red brothers of the plains
But where they grieve a candle still burns
A prayer from a flicker to a flame

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