Say That You Love Me Martin Nievera chords

Intro: F-Em-Dm-C-; 

        C                G/B
   My morning starts to shine
                 Am         Am/G
   With teardrops in my eyes
        F           D/F#
   And here I am alone
   Starting to realize
            Em             F
   That my days would be brighter
     Em                Am
   If I could learn to hide
        Dm            Dm/C
   The feeling that I have for you
          Gsus         G,Gsus,G
   Keeps hurting me inside

  C             G/B
   Then my day begins
                 Am           Am/G
   With simple thoughts of you
   F            D/F#
   Hoping that tomorrow
            Gsus     G
   Will be me and you
             Em              F
   Sharing dreams with each other
        Em               Am
   And making them come true
    Dm           Dm/C
   Holding one another
          Gsus           G,Gsus
   Saying all I need is you

       G        Cm             G#/C
   But will you say that you love me
        G/B              Cm
   And show me that you care
   G#          Bb
   Say when I need you
           Eb          Gsus
   You will always be there
        G     Cm      G#/C
   But if you go and leave me
   G/B      Bb      A
   This I swear is true
       Dm              G        F
   My love will always be with you

   Interlude: F-Em-Dm-C-;

    C                  G/B
   Now my nights would end
                 Am              Am/G
   With just one wish, that's you
       F             D/F#
   To hold me in the dark
               Gsus           G
   And help me make it through
              Em            F
   'Cause the pain that's inside me
          Em         Am
   Would simply melt away
      Dm            Dm/C
   If I had you here with me
         Gsus             G,Gsus,
   And promise me you'd stay

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

           ... you

   Adlib: Gm-G#-Gm-

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <G#> higher,
    except last line)

      Ebm         Fm-F#-Fm
   My love will always
       B               Fm Bbm
   My love will always oh woh
       A               G#      (Coda)
   My love will always be with you

   Coda: F#-Fm-Ebm-C#-

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