capo 2nd fret

Asus2 is played
I'm sure there is a note for it, but i don't know lmao

it is the same chords throughout the whole song, the only
different part is the bridge and the only difference is the strumming pattern

  D G Asus2 G 
I can't play instruments very well

And I'll eat all of your cereal

But I'll never be a smoker because

The second cigarette makes me feel like shit

What if I came to your apartment

Had a chat with your girlfriend

I bet she'd make me coffee

Before I told her about you and me

Being home never felt so bad

Why is everyone here so mad

Only here under obligation

It's hard to pretend this is a vacation

I like getting coffee by myself

But i still know how you like yours

And going home is scary

But at least I'm in your stupid car doors

We're so good at being alone

But we're always together

And if i told you i loved you

I don't know who it would scare away faster