Someday Barbies Cradle chords

Note: Original key is 1 step higher

   Intro: Am-F-C-G

  Am           F
   Alone and misunderstood
  C            G
   That's why I came to you
  Am           F
   The feelings I have inside
  C            G
   With you, I can't hide
  Am            F
   I see that life's a game
  C              G
   Get hurt, but who's to blame
  Am             F
   I guess I'm just a child
  C                  G
   In a world that's very wild

    F     Am      G    C
   Where can I find a place
           F      C      F
   That's full of tenderness
   F  Am      G      C          F
   I get there when I close my eyes
    C             F
   And hold and pray
   That you and I will be there

   Am  F    C  G
   Someday, I say
    Am                 F
   We'll make a brighter day
           C      G
   Better than our yesterday
    Am  F   C  G
   Someday, I say
    Am                 F     
   We'll make a brighter day 
           C      G               Am
   But today's our chance to be there

   Interlude: Am-F-C-G-; (2x)

  Am             F
   Is there a room for change
  C                  G
   There are things to rearrange
  Am           F
   I thought that we are young
  C                 G
   And temptations are strong
  Am             F
   But I've got to start with me
  C             G
   It's hard but let it be
  Am             F
   It may take some time
  C                G
   Fixing up a perfect life

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus and Interlude)

  Am             F
   Once in a while, you get down and get wild
  C                  G
   Set the rain hope so I took some dope
  Am                          F
   What happened to your start, not a dumb old fun
  C                        G
   I had renewed my faith, better not be late
  Am                              F
   'Cause I hate to go back again wasting my life and sin
  C                     G
   I got my Lord to obey now, so I say now
  Am                  F
   Take a ride home, go, take a ride home
  C      G             Am
   Go back to the Father

   Adlib: Am-F-C-G-; (2x) Am-F pause C--break F break

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1 step <Bm> higher,
    except last word)

      ... there

       D      A               Bm-G-D-A-
   Today's our chance to be there
   Bm   G   D  A Bm-G
   Someday, I say
         D            A  break
   But today's our chance
          Bm pause        G pause
   We'll make a brighter day 
         D pasue      A pasue      D
   And today's our chance to be there 

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