The 25th Of December Aiza Seguerra chords

Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (G#)

   Intro: G-Bm-C-D-; (2x)

              G            D/F#
   There are moments to remember
          Em           D
   From January to December
         C                 D              G  D7
   But there's one special day so dear to me
               G          D/F#
   There's a story to remember
    Em                   D
   Upon an evening in December
        C     Cdim      Bm   Em
   The meaning of this glory day
        Am                D
   Will always keep us together

           G       D/F#
   On the 25th of December
              C                    G
   It's the Lord's happy birthday again
        G          D/F#
   The 25th of December
                C              Am        Ebdim7
   Let's have peace on earth, goodwill to men
         Em                 Bm
   It's Christmas time once more
            Dm         G       C
   Let's be merry just like before
       Am                   Bm      Em
   So make it the cheeriest time of year
               Am         D         G
   'Cause the 25th of December is here

   Interlude: G-Bm-C-D-

              G              D/F#
   When the family comes together
        Em                        D
   Our hearts are full of joy and laughter
             C                  D               G     D7
   There's nothing better than Christmas spent at all
             G                 D/F#
   When we start to sing the carols
         Em              D
   And join in harmonies tonight, folks
          C   Cdim        Bm    Em
   Let's celebrate the greatest day
          Am                  D         
   When Jesus Christ came for all

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

        ... here
         C               D
   We'll keep the fire alive
  Bm               Em
   Burning in our heart
          Am                     D         G
   As we light the world in a lantern of love
        Eb                F
   And when we hear the church bells ring
          Dm                   Gm
   We'll praise this day then start to sing
         Cm   Bb       Ab              D   D#7
   And begging for the blessings from above

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <G#> higher,
    except last word)

     ... here
  G#          Cm   C#-Eb pause    G#
   25th of December         is here
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