The Girl's So Right For Me Side A chords

Intro: G-C-Cm-; (3x)

  G        C-Cm-G           C     Cm 
   I remember    the day I found her
  Bm                 Em
   You know, it was just like magic
        D            G
   The way things happened
  C       D        G
   Oh so naturally
                    C    Cm
   She smiled so sweetly
  G                C     Cm
   And I fell completely
   And the words from her lips
   Flowed with such tenderness
          Eb             D
   That I could not resist

                         G                 C-Cm
   Don't you know the girl's so right for me
                 G                 C     Cm
   Everything we do just comes so easily
        G                  C  Cm
   The girl's so right for me
   In this lonely world 
       Bb       Am              D      G
   I found the girl who's so right for me

  G            C-Cm-G              C   Cm
   Sunday morning,  the day is dawning
  Bm                 Em
   And we're wrapped around each other
     D      G        C          D            
   Perfect lovers under the covers
  G                  C              Cm
   Baby, the way that my heart's beating
  G                    C       Cm
   This got to be the real thing
   And it's hand in a glove, baby
   This kind of love
       Eb                 D
   I know that she's the one

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

          ... me

  C                  Cm              Bm
   I thought that I had good love before
              F#m           B        Em
   Baby, till you walked through my door
   Darlin' you showed me something
          Am             Cm
   And day by day you keep it comin'

   (Repeat Chorus 3x, fade)

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