****I dare you to serenade this to a girl/guy :)


The night is young and you're so beautiful
 Dm Gm 
Here among the shadows beautiful lady
           C Gm C 
Open your heart 

the sea is set the breezes sing of it
Can't you get into the swing of it
 Gm C F 
Lady      where do we start

 C Am 
When the lady is kissable
 C F 
And the evening so cool
      Dm G 
Any dream is permissible
                   Gm Ab Db 
In the heart of a fool

Oh the moon is high and you're so glamorous
And if I seem over amorous
 Abm Db Ebm Ab 
Lady         what can I do
     Abm Db F# 
The night is young and I'm in love with     you

To all those romantic souls 
p.s Doing this to sing to a girl on OK cupid.... wish me luck....

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