hello!  Here are the chords for Jimmy Needham's The Only One.  Now the tabs I combined are from
Jay Park's cover found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPFXa4dshHE as well as the first version
posted here on Guitar Tab.  I picked out the best matching chords and put them together here.

Hope you all like it!  God Bless!

Capo 4
Intro:  A7 D6 | A/C#   - Dmaj7 -   E | E7

Verse 1:
        F#m B7
Under every tree, on top of every hill
            D A
You have found me there, begging for a thrill
          C#m7 Bm7
Drinking from the vine, eating from the tree
           D A
You swore on your life, would be the death of me

PreChorus 1:
                  F#m C#7
'Cause all of my lovers are found in my bill fold
They rest on my mantel
               B7 A
I can't get a handle on what satisfies me

               C#m D
If you're the bread then fill me up
               Dm A
If you're the water fill my cup, oh oooh
      E/G# F#m
Till lesser loves are washed out to sea (coda after prechorus 3)
             B7 D A/C# Bm D
Why can't I see - You're the only  one  who satisfies me

Verse 2:
          F#m B7
Well the news has spread - men ain't meant for bread
         D A
But for every word coming from your head
        C#m7 Bm7
But my head and heart are very different things
           D A
One tells me to run and one tells me to cling

PreChorus 2:
                  F#m C#7
'Cause all of my gods they have at signs and hashtags
                    E B7 A
But I'm raising my white flag 'cause I'm needing what you have to give me



 F#m C#m E D Bm7 E7
oh   oooh,  oh oooh oooh  yea yea  oooh oh

Prechorus 3:
            F#m C#7
I've drank water from sewers and gutters
                 E B7 A
Too shameful to utter, But you're not like the others

(Back to Chorus)

Why can't I see oh oh oooh
You're the only one
You're the only one
         Bm D                   (intro chords)
Father, Spirit, Son Who sat - ifies ... meee~

God bless!
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