The Promise Martin Nievera chords

Intro: F-Cm-C#-Bb-C-

   Say goodbye
        C                   F
   When I can barely say goodnight
     Cm                    Am         Dm
   If I can hardly take my eyes from yours
         Bb      C
   How far can I go?

   Walk away 
           C                        Am
   The thought had never crossed my mind
        Cm             F        Bb       G
   I couldn't turn my back on spring or fall
         C              C#
   Your smile least of all

         Dm     Gm   F           Cm  F
   When I say always, I mean forever
  Bb         Am,Dm      Gm         C
   I trust tomorrow as much as today
        Dm     C       F      Bb   Bbm
   I am not afraid to say "I love you"
            F       Dm
   And I promise you
       Gm      C  
   I'll never say goodbye

   With dances on crowded floor
                                 Bb      Ebm
   While other dancers live from song to song
        G#m        C#
   Our music goes on
  D         G      Dm
   Oh, when on and if
   I never leave your arms
  G                               C
   I really would have travelled there
         Cm        D             Eb-C#-Eb
   Everywhere, for my world is there

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1 step <Em> higher,
    except last word)

            ... goodbye
        Cm                G
   How could I ever say goodbye

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