To Live Is Christ chords – Parachute Band

  Tristan Ho
I did this partially by ear. It sounds correct enough to me. The Bm and G chord in the pre-chorus sounds 
somewhat interchangeable(?)
The intro doesnt sound very pleasing if its just a guitar in a quiet setting so you can play around with the G 
and D/Em/C chords for intro.
Have fun!

Dsus: xx0233

 Em D G G 

I make a vow 
              D Em 
My life will always honor Christ 
            C G 
Whether I live or die 

I belong to Him
He bore my sin
            Em         C      G (Am second time)
I owe this life to my saving King 

        G C 
Halle-lu-jah   I am not my own
 Em D Am  
You are in control  
       Bm C D 

            G C 
For me to live is Christ
         Em D  
And to die is to gain
            Em D C 
No matter what price I pay
             Dsus D G 
I choose to give this life away 

 Em D G G 

(G)                      Em D G G Em D G 
Only by the cross I am saved 
 G Em 
Only by the cross I am saved 
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