Weightless Wolfgang chords

Intro: Ebm--

  Ebm          C    B
   Let Icarus plummet
  Ebm        C       B
   As sun melts his wax
  Ebm            C       B
   I'm gonna touch the sky
  Ebm       C        B
   Much longer than that

  Ebm                F#
   With the wings of Eros
  G#                 Ebm
   I'll stretch them wide
  Ebm                  F#
   Upon the winds of fortune
   I'm ready to glide

   Interlude: Ebm-C-B-; (2x)

  Ebm           C          B
   And I will hold the clouds
  Ebm             C       B
   Yes, I'll breathe them in
  Ebm          C  B
   Gonna be able
  Ebm           C    B
   To reach the heaven

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: Ebm--F#--G#--

   So now that you're floating upon my crest
   And learning to be completely weightless
   You'll see though your body sleeps
   Your soul will never rest

   Adlib: Bbm-B-C#-; (8x)
          B-C#-F#-G#-; (2x)

   (Do chord pattern: B-C#-F#-G#)
   And I see the opening before home
   The womb to be no longer my home
   Toward the unknown
   Contractions propel me
   I am released to be on my own
   I am released to be on my own
   I am released to be on my own
                    Ebm-F#-; (4x)
   On my own, on my own
   Ebm-F#-; (4x)
   I am kicking inside
   Feel me

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   Coda: Ebm-F#-; (4x)
         Ebm hold


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