Hello! This is my first ever chord sheet and it is based on the breathtaking performance in the Phantom 25th
anniversary with Sierra Boggess, Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser. This is my favourite musical ever so I
hope that this is useful to you! Xx
          Dm Gm C Dm
RAOUL: Why have you brought me here? We must return!
             Dm Gm C Dm
CHRISTINE: His eyes will find us there, those eyes that burn!
           Bb Gm C Dm
And if he has to kill a thousand men-
      Dm Bbm C Dm
The phantom of the opera will kill and kill again!
(Change to Ebm)
 Ebm Abm C# Ebm
My god who is this man, who hunts to kill?
 Ebm Abm C# Ebm
I can't escape from him, I never will!
                      B Abm C# Ebm
BOTH: And in this labyrinth, where night is blind-
      Ebm Bm C# Ebm
The phaaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is here/there inside my/your mind!

RAOUL: There is no phantom of the opera!
             Em F#m Dm Cm Em F#m Dm Cm
CHRISTINE: Raoul, I've been there! To his world of unending night!
 Cm Dm Bbm Abm F#m Em
To a world where the daylight dissolves into darkness… Darkness…
 F# G# Fm Ebm F# G# Fm Ebm
Raoul, I've seen him! Can I ever forget that sight?
 Ebm Fm C#m Bm C#m D#m Fm
Can I ever escape from that face? So distorted, deformed,
         C#m Bm Am Gm
It was hardly a face, in that darkness... Darkness...
          B E
Yet his voice filed my spirit with a strange sweet sound,
          A Eb
In that night, there was music in my mind.
              Ab Db
And through music, my soul began to soar!
        Fm C F
And I heard as I'd never heard before-
                    Fm C F
( RAOUL: What you heard was a dream and nothing more.)
             Em Am D Em
CHRISTINE: Yet in his eyes, all the sadness of the world,
 Em Am D G
Those pleading eyes, that both threaten and adore.