You Gave Me A Reason Gary Valenciano chords

Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (Ab)

   A        E/G#             F#m-D-
   So many tears that I've cried
   A        E/G#           F#m-D-
   So many nights asking why
   Bm            A           E
   Why all my dreams fell apart?
   Bm          A          G-E-
   And letting go is so hard

   A        E/G#          F#m-D-
   I held my pain deep inside
   A            E/G#         F#m-D-
   I thought that love was a lie
   Bm            A           E/G#
   I felt it might be too late
   Bm            A/C#   E       Ab
   I saw it all fade away, but then

                Chorus 1
   Db                     Gb
   You gave me reason to love again
   Ab                     Ab/A          Bbm
   You came and changed the way the story ends
   Gb               Ebm         Ab        Db
   You'll always be here in my heart endlessly

   A            E/G#       F#m-D
   And now my dreams have come true
   A        E/G#         F#m-D
   I found myself there in you
   Bm             A            E-F#
   And all the things that I missed
   Bm         A                E      Ab
   I found them here in your kiss, baby

   (Repeat Chorus 1)

                  Chorus 2
   Db                          Gb
   You gave me reason, you're all I need
   Ab                      Ab/A             Bbm
   You showed me love, and now my heart believes
   Gb                Ebm          Ab       A
   You made me see, you gave me reason to be

   Adlib: A-E/G#-F#m-D-; (2x)

   (Repeat Chorus 1, moving chord 1 step <Eb> higher)

   (Repeat Chorus 2, moving chord 1 step <Eb> higher)

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