Month: December 2015

I Remember You chords – Glen Campbell

I Remember You Glen Campbell album Still Within The Sound Of My Voice Intro A E7 E A E7 E Verse 1 A Ab I remember you, A A7 You're the one who said D I Love you true Dm A E7 E a few kisses ago Verse 2 A Ab I remember you, A […]

I Honestly Love You chords – Glen Campbell

I Honestly Love You Glen Campbell Grammy Award Winning Song 1974 best song Live perfomance Tokyo Intro D Verse 1 D A D A Now maybe I hang around you a little more than I should C E7sus4 C G We both know I got somewhere else to go D Dmaj7 E7 But I got […]

Hound Dog Man chords – Roy Orbison Vsion 2

Hound Dog Man Roy Orbison 1979 song about Elvis Intro A D A E F#m E A E A D A Hey, hound dog man E F#m E A E Where you been now, where you been? A D A I wish that you were back E F#m E A you was too good to […]

Home Again chords – Glen Campbell

Home Again (carol King Version) Glen Campbell written by Carloe King Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Show To play along with song Capo 3rd fret or D# key Intro C Am Bb F C Am Bb F C Am Bb F C Am Bb F C Verse 1 C Em C Sometimes I wonder if I'm […]

If You See Me Getting Smaller chords – Glen Campbell

If You See Me Getting Smaller Glen Campbell written by Jimmy Webb Live performance Intro C F G Em C Am Dm C Em G Verse 1 C Em F C Willie you're my constant companion Em C F you know the light and shade C Am F We have spent a million dollars G […]

Dumas Walker chords – The Kentucky Headhunters Vsion 2

C Let's all go down to Dumas Walker F C Let's all go down to Dumas Walker G7 We'll get a slaw burger fries and a bottle of ski C Bring it on out to my baby and me Yeah we're headed to the drive-in on a Saturday night Just me and my baby and […]

Honey Come Back chords – Glen Campbell

Honey Come Back Glen Campbell Intro E7 F Gm7 Am7 Bb Gm7 F Bb Am7 Gm7 F E7 F Gm7 Verse 1 (spoken) Gm7 C C7 F C Well, honey I know I've said it too many times before Dm Dm7 Gm7 I said I'd never say it again C C7 I guess I should […]

Remember Me chords – Tracey Curtis

Remember Me – Tracey Curtis Intro – A / / / E / / / D / / / E / / / A E Hello … Remember me? D I wrote letter after letter E In the hope you'd make things better A E For us here in my country D It was far […]

The Best Days chords – Tracey Curtis

The Best Days – Tracey Curtis Intro – Em / A / C D G / Em A These are the best days by far C D G They'll be gone in a flash I know Em A The moon is shining on me all night C D And I just don't want to go […]

Shell Shock chords – Tracey Curtis

Shell Shock – Tracey Curtis Intro – A, C#m, D x2 A C#m D A This is a story about my son C#m D My bundle of fun A C#m D He was like lots of other boys C#m D E Spent hours playing in the dirt With his toys 'til the sun went down […]

Gethsemane chords – Andrew Lloyd Webber Vsion 3

I only want to say (Gethsemane) from Jesus Christ Superstar Chords used: A (X02220) Am (X02210) Am/E (002210) Am/F (102210) Am/G (302010) Asus4 (X02230) B7 (X21202) Bm (X24432) C (X32010) Csus4 (X33011) D (XX0232) D7 (XX0212) Dm (XX0231) Dm/A (X00231) Dm/B (X20231) Dm/C (X30231) E (022100) E7 (020100) E7sus (000230) F (133211) F# (244322) G […]

I Wanna Live chords – Glen Campbell

I Wanna' Live Glen Campbell Capo 1st Fret Intro C Em Am C Em Am Verse 1 C Em Am Flowers have blooms C Dm F G The ocean has waves Dm F G The sky has clouds C Em Am People have babes C Em Am I want to live C Dm F G […]

Somebodys Leaving chords – Glen Campbell

Somebody's Leaving Glen Campbell Intro C# G# C# Verse 1 C# G# Bbm Fm F# Two old worn out suitcases standing by the door Fm D#m Fm F# Broken Hearts and promises scattered on the floor Fm D#m Two empty faces there're not smiling anymore G# F# C# And not believeing somebody's leaving Verse 2 […]

Corina Corina chords – Brooks & Dunn

G Corina Corina where you been so long C G Corina Corina where you been so long D7 G I ain't had no loving since you've been gone Well I love Corina tell the world I do C G I love Corina tell the world I do D7 G Just a little more loving let […]

Billy The Kid chords – Billy Dean Vsion 2

C Strapped on my holster low across my hips Two cold forty-fives with white plastic grips F And I'd head west through our neighborhood C They'd say here comes young Billy and he's up to no good yeah I rode a trail through the neighbor's backyard Shootin' the bad guys through my handle bars F […]

Simple Song Of Freedom chords – Bobby Darin Vsion 2

C G7 C Come and sing a simple song of freedom F C Sing it like you've never sung before G7 Am Let it fill the air tell the people everywhere F G7 C We the people here don't want a war G7 C Hey there mister black man can you hear me F C […]

Ill Take The Blame chords – Lonesome River Band

G I slipped around dear two timing you C G Having fun now like some guys do But now I'm sorry and now I'm through D7 G Forgive me darling it could be you C G Well I don't blame you if you two time too D7 G Because I'm guilty for the things I […]

Take Good Care Of Him chords – Anita Carter

G C G I suppose I ought to say congratulations D7 For you've won the only boy I ever loved G But I hurt too much to face the situation D7 G Oh take good care of him take good care of him C G Just to be around him was my greatest pleasure D7 […]

Before The Next Teardrop Falls chords – Freddy Fender Vsion 2

C F C If he brings you happiness then I wish you both the best F G7 C It's your happiness that matters most of all G7 C F C But if he ever breaks your heart if the teardrops ever start F C G7 C I'll be there before the next teardrop falls F […]

Bestest Friend chords – Mac Davis

G Who wipes me off when I spill gravy on my shirt A7 D7 Who knows exactly where to kiss me when I hurt G C And who'll make love to me in satin sheets or in the dirt G D7 G You Babe you're my bestest friend Who takes me home when I get […]