It's all becoming clear, these are not the best of times People walk around in circles and rub their glassy eyes I close mine and slowly raise the periscope To see if I could see beyond a sea of heavy smoke Very slow to recover when I wake up from a dream A dog is barking on the porch, the moon is turning green I scramble and feel a pair of hands around my throat They're telling me the yelling won't help Don't rock the boat Who's this? What's this? Where's this all coming from? Civil clothes policemen, electricians on the run The Rule of Law 2005 is watch your head You just became an anti-terror target Now you're dead, Go ahead Point a gun at my temple while you're at it This planet is inhabitable, and I have had it One final thought before I fire up my shuttle Earth is not a battle field, I'm tired of the struggle

It's dangerous Watch your step, watch your neck What you'll get is freedom or a bullet in the head It's dangerous There is no imminent threat But in this day and age we won't forgive and forget

I've lived a life of comfort, it bothers me at times Too much health and happiness Like someone shut the blinds When somewhere far beyond my gaze The world is full of pain We're feeding bread to birds When people fight for just a grain So how could I explain this genuine desire To reach out to a stranger, stick my hand into the fire When its heat is something I have never felt or understood Am I lighting up a match while pouring gasoline on wood? Or maybe all I am is just a raindrop in the ocean Polluted like the atmosphere that gave it birth and motion Poisoning the planet with contaminated breath And trying to proceed, forget that progress is a myth How hard is it to step outside the barriers of fear Climb aboard a cargo ship and slowly disappear I leave the port behind me every night I fall asleep But somehow, come the morning, still wake up on my street


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