I kept a memory back from my early years
a boat out to Cyprus with the Scottish Fusiliers
I was two years old, I was barely alive
Already cruising 'bout with the Devil and a .45

I hear you've been straying over this side of town
Talking it up, walking your mouth around
But it's really not ok that you do like you do
The Devil's .45 is gonna wait for you

You, you, you, you, you are heading for a beatdown.

Are you riding shotgun on the stage of broken dreams?
Ain't it funny how the ego can take you to extremes
and with the cards you hold I'm aurally not surprised
Choose between the Devil and a .45

Keep your false pretenses, keep your fancy clothes
Keep your airs and graces since I won't be needing those
Since I was two years old I was learning to survive
Keep on the right side of a .45

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