If you a true brother, sister, put your fist up
Cause whoever made the plan got it all messed up
Let's stop the hating, I put out big respect
No use debating, you'll get what you select
The intellect is like the Hyde in the Jekyll
If you look inside you will see it's a speckle
And a spot, we need love and I got a lot
So I'mma blow up the whole joint with one shot
57 for the MC, where he was born
Down to 14 polishing the furious form
20 display, this way to the DJ
12 got the next play covered like an x-ray
Down to the bone, make your bones crumble
Why be derogatory disco mumble?

Now we sail the seas like fishermen and vikings
Stealing rap thrones from your kings and my kings
Like extra buttered pop corn I'm bada pop pop gone
Before you even see me, the lyrical Houdini
Suave like Rico, Federico Fellini
I drop your ass faster than Benito Mussolini
Eenie meenie miny moe, heidi heidi heidi hoe
Minnie the moocher with the flow (what) waiting for godot (what)
The Tallinn posse to the Stockholm crew
Gothenburg, Turku, you know how we do
A gangsta hit job from the Moscow mob
Oslo down low, slow down the throb
North and south, now we run the whole Baltic
Stop, halt it, you can't assault it
The defense mechanism working like a clock
Who rock the party? why nobody
And we keep it gras like mardi (like mardi)
And we keep it gras like mardi (like mardi)
And we keep it gras like mardi (like mardi)

The measures I'm taking are serious and drastic
No bullshit to work your way past it
You play it cool, intellectual, scholastic
Fool in a basket, artificial like plastic
Isaac new-tone, Abraham Lincoln
Sugar daddy gone saturday drinking
Thinking like a king taking rap to Botswana
By way of Ghana, sipping vino in Toscana
True dat, word and represent, right on
And big up to everybody keeping their
Heart and pride on top of everything
With skills worth meriting
The very thing you created I'm inheriting
My vocal – like fire without a match
Never lose the beat so I got nothing to catch 22
A plentitude of rhymes they might snatch
We stayin on our toes with the

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