O Heaven, how can I forget you?

Rose to the occasion, one day, pluck your petals

Store something precious up in the way I left you

But no matter what's changed, sustain, be the best you

The rest grew restless as cousins sleep

Went in peace, but the search wasn't deep

I invested my week to see a brighter Monday morn, but

Woke up on Tuesday in the same uniform (damn!)

And through it all I try not to do you wrong

As I have in the past, rapping other love songs

But its kinda hard building lust when the trust gone

Money was the object of affection, they ain't want y'all

Should've gone with my first love

Maybe moved out to ? and wrote books in cursive

Learned a little French and do the film I've been tryna make

Translate the feeling I was feeling at my modern-day

Took a break with the wiz, gave the rhymes a break

Busted hard enough to make the condom break

No seeds, no sticks, no stems

Old gems found crumbled by the bubble-goose Timbs

I get here to hems and acquire from the pews well

Mom sat listening to Sunday's blues

And I stuffed penny loafers that I stuffed a nickle into

All-white Easter suit that won't fit you

Sent through Heaven to Hell to send dreams of

Places once dwelled, but I feel for the green stuff..

Swore I could fly back and say hi again

But my money just no good, I needed time to spend

Brought me back to my youth when I was grindin

With no loot, book full of rhymes with the gold tooth

With the scripture engraved over a picture of the days

When I dreamt to be a richer ?

From the picture to the glass house

Built for ? to remember the soul once numbered: gone

Gotta find it in her, and we happily concur

Ever after, one blur

Marry matching, one word: love

Crumpled in notebooks you never saw

A little thoughts and yada-yada, drama side

Traumatized by fallin of in the water

Which was softer than the ground-level

Found ? daisies without petals – how special?

All loving, how could I forget you?

My dedication to the music

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