I quench your thirst first and burst my verse rehearsed Keeping shit tight, original, diverse For the population, a rap-related revelation Live melodic elevation, five minute duration A reservation for two, set the table for my crew Enable stable development Japan to Peru No true fortune reversal, skills without rehearsal The beat is like a curse you'll see it's universal Sanitary style, interplanetary galactic Musically eclectic and blatantly didactic Hyperactive, protective rap prophylactic Selectively hectic mad microphone tactic Lyrically attractive track so I attacked it And laid it, no anguished delay with the language I play with Created a sedated style that I can stay with Made it understood, can't debate it nor negated Understated my cultivated prose flows degraded The scene being invaded by whack cats inflated Heavenly paraded and very heavily overrated Whose verse disintegrated before the integrated Rap format, related the vibe I stimulated Like a tribe we pervaded verbally interrelated Leaving goliat and david hip hop medicated City-wise disguise, suburb educated

Helsinki cadenza dedicated Helsinki cadenza dedicated Helsinki cadenza dedicated 98 ways to make respect reinstated

I got the ground control, rhymes on parole Time taking its toll, contemplated on the whole It might take a roll of film without an image And the moments you stole from the rap pilgrimage I fill the percentage gap, cut the crap and Break the line of scrimmage and make the cut back Contain the spillage and move the people like village In the mean time I'm in the middle like Greenwich In a colony of ants terrorized by a cricket It's wicked, always on the train without a ticket Getting Otis like Redding, Wilson like Pickett Too many words in a literary thicket Now I pick it, choose a style just to flick it Intricate, sophisticated magic when I trick it Now you see it, now you don't and I m-i-mic it The microphone assassin of the Nordic syndicate Got mad respect for the bad architect Who the player with a layer that I can't neglect The beat engineer, interfere, come correct Never per-form before you per-fect Every move, break to prove you make the groove turn More toward forward, backward around The ground beneath my feet sound The utterly original rap compound


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