I'm running, I'm passing, it's funny the last thing
I've had in my thoughts been a run, I got lost in
A puzzle or crossed into trouble, is it just me?
Are the walls thin around here? They must be
I jump on a bus, leave this pungent industry
And grunt in disgust, these chumps couldn't touch me
I vanish and trust me, not embarrassed or alarmed
Their advantage is gone
And that's the way to keep the people calm
Then proceed to strong measures
Leisurely submission with my lethal bombs
And we're equal in all respects but one
They're secretly armed, and the web's not spun
For a test run, the heat will return in another Beslan
And we all best run when the
War is being fought for a corporate cause
Its enormous importance is all about forcing us
Down on all fours, bound up and tossed
Around 'til we're lost, now sound the applause
And our last resort used to be that we could
Ask a court, I refuse to believe
The accused can't plea to defend against
A semblance of a gutless grin
Guard us watch us when our father's touches end
His heart, his conscience can't
And god his clutches sting
And as much as I pretend to be part of a trend
I could nod every ten seconds and descend
Down to the bottom, but the harder we bend
The closer we are to the start of the end

Now if living is giving, I deliver, I'm not
Driven to give in, and if all I got
Is limited or prohibited for the
Inevitable imminent minute when I fall
It's vivid and evident I had a lot more
Than I wanted and I want to be letting that go
After all, a cup is better half than whole
They're knocking at your door but you don't have to go
Just laugh when you're told that you have to be cold
And outlast any foe, cause they're never that strong
It's a fact that we know what we lack when we grow
And I'm heading back home down Telegraph Road
If I get a backbone strong enough to carry the weight
Climb aboard 'cause my raft won't break
We border on the state of disorder, and the Stakes
Is Still High, but you can see it with a skilled eye

You're in the country of last things,
And the lights keep flashing
In the country of last things,
Time keeps passing
In the country of last things,
Why keep asking why?

Listen up closely, I'm pissed off and won't be
Conditioned to act or to think like they want me
I'm part of the game, all the same I refuse
To play by the book there's a flame on my fuse
A burning concern to be heard, and I'm learning
The best way to tackle the burden is pack all I've earned
In a box, the world won't turn with a sermon
But a whirlwind of rocks
If a word was enough
Could you verbally stop
All the murderous plots and defeat wrong
Save all your possessions,
Recoil from aggression and keep strong
Can a sweet song mend men
Or defeat laws when men don't agree
Or descend in a sin bin of fools
Am I bending the rules
Can we make an amendment to end the abuse

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