Look back and see Another new tight, rare, hustle every night, stare Blind at the sight where the plight is a nightmare Thicker than the air, even a flicker of light rare Sicker than a scared human being who might care Like a satellite flare, got Milano in sight clear I recite the out of sight, parasite prayer Planned mechanism of polite fear In a land of paganism where the second is in a year Eh yo Milano maintain the balance of terror Calculate the mistakes and balance the error I'm the dere-lict and never leave you tricked Evict him with a dictum if he acts like a victim The law of the land, the temptations are many From the money to the plenty of fears of the milleni- Um train, some gain total sum, some live on a bread crumb Bled from the home they fled from

(refugee talk)

Silence recedes and your deeds can never silence the pleads Revolution bleeds from a child hatred breeds More neglect to expect from the vanguard of thieves Heads-of-government like these governing as they please Not displeased with the spreading of this poverty disease Sadistically content and reticent with the medicine They're holding back To keep the masses on the dark side Blind their eyes and feed them carbon monoxide To even the equation, conceiving the invasion Of a government rapping hatred cause it's tired of persuasion In a faceless city with no capacity for pity Nothing is as it was then nor can ever be pretty again No compassion left in the hearts of weak men A-men, no prayer strong enough to save the meek laymen Decayed in a second, the future's bleak and laden With grief and shame in the surrender to the craving

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