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The Weeknd – Enemy Lyrics

oh, oh, oh, oh so bad, i’m so bad, i’m so bad can i be honest with you please? it’s really hard for me to speak right now girl, i been drinkin’ all day it’s been a long week can’t you tell by my face? i wanna lose myself between your legs i wanna make […]

Big Sean Ft. Common – She Lyrics

[hook: big sean] oh god she gon’ have it she gon’ keep it she said she gon’ have it she gon’ keep it she gon’ have it awws*** there go our little secret [verse 1: big sean] it was all good just a week ago worst problem that i had was that my speakers blown […]

Big Sean – Guap Lyrics

[intro: big sean (kanye west)] god, oh god i’ve been working all god damn year i just got my check i’m bout to spend it all on me i’m worth it, yup hold up, tell me what you see pull up, watch these m***********ers freak say wuddup though when you see me in the streets […]

Ciara – Got Me Good Lyrics

my back is aching, my bra too tight my booty’s shaking from the left to the right my back is aching, i’m so in love baby all i know is you got me it’s been too long baby too long it’s time to start a new game, game, a new game it’s been too long […]

Nevershoutnever – Honey-Dew Lyrics

good bye baby, i will miss you so so long darling, i’ve got to let you go sorry my sweet symphony, i just can’t follow through i’ve gotta move on, on, on to someone new and so do you, so good bye, good night to you honey do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do-do-do honey don’t call […]

Alicia Keys – Unlock Yourself Lyrics

unlock yourself be who you’re meant to be unlock yourself open your eyes and see that you have the power to be what you want nothing can stop you as long as you unlock yourself and see the power of your dreams welcome to the journals of mama mama mae and lee lee it’s the […]

My Chemical Romance – Boy Division Lyrics

if all the enemies threw a party, would you light the candles, would you drink the wine, while watching television, watch the animals and all the tragedies, and sell your arteries to buy my casket. it better be black, it better be tight, it better be just my size, i’m stuck in these metromalls and […]

My Chemical Romance – Tomorrow’s Money Lyrics

fell in love with a vampire you wanna get it for free then say hello to the brushfire, baby you gotta take it from me i’m gonna take it from you say hello to the good times and say hello to the sun sit back on an empire while the world lays back would you […]

Eric Saade – Miss Unknown Lyrics

i was walking down the street i saw you moving like a model got the attitude, the baddest i know and the feeling that i have is brand new had me losing my cool should have talked to you but i was too slow how could i be dumb and let you pass by without […]

One Direction – Little Things Lyrics

liam: i got home, another night alone maybe i should call you up, baby i was wrong such a fool, couldn’t see what was right in front on me (why did i leave) i was wrong wanted to be alone i guess i never really got it, but now i know it’s not about, me […]

Stevie Wonder – Keep Moving Forward Lyrics

here we are, it’s a brand new day four years ago the skys were a darker gray troops coming home, we’re ending the wars it’s time for peace, cause that’s who we are jobs for all that succeed in their task and health care for the middle class the common man deserves a chance barack’s […]

The Cataracs – Young In LA Lyrics

this city is where my heart is and like the city i never sleep somewhere in the darkness, we got lost much too deep chorus: cause you laugh when it’s fun, and you cry when it’s done when you’re young in la everybody’s dying to meet ya when you’re young in la everybody’s dying, everybody’s […]

Young Buck Ft. 2 Chainz – So Gone Lyrics

yeaaaaah oh you don’t what this is is the duffle bag boy bucks*** okay 2 chaaaaaaiiinz we in…. just another day yeah we’re trapping no we’re rapping mama keep me out told my aunt he found the package so i spend it up i got million dollars habits and i’m tryna get it up then […]

George Strait – Give It All We Got Tonight Lyrics

july moonlight shines your pretty little head on my shoulder pull over on the side of the road oh my god, you’re something like nothing i’ve ever seen if i’m asleep girl, let me dream baby fall into my kiss it should just happen like this trust it so much that there’s no one else […]

Rocko – 1 Shot Lyrics

you only got one 1 shot, 1 shot, 1 shot this could be my only shot you only got one 1 shot, 1 shot, 1 shot i gotta take the shot you only got one 1 shot, 1 shot, 1 shot hey, i gotta take the shot you take a shot at me you better […]

Rocko – U Lyrics

[hook] i really care for you, no matter what i’m always there for you, you, you i would kill for you, about you, i be there for you, you i really care for you, no matter what i’m always there for you, you, you i be there for you, you, you i’m here for you […]

Angel Haze –b**** Bad Lyrics

[intro] bitch bad, woman good lay it better they misunderstood they misunderstood [verse 1] now imagine that there’s a shorty maybe fatherless or optionless grinding from checks depositing trying to get on public housing list mother meets a man with ample ammount of funds but in order to get that she’s gotta give ‘em some […]

Angel Haze – Song Cry Lyrics

i painting a picture full of poetry and hope that you would notice the crack showed you a clearer me and hope that you would mirror me back and hopes that i could travel the road full of pros and take thats*** as far as it goes that i could feel the hand of time […]

Ya Boy Ft. Lifestyle – Clapp For Me Lyrics

where the dope at, in my dope sack i’m from the city where they know it ain’t no hope at getting dirty money, i ain’t worried where the soap at looking for the money, found the money, i got low jack lost some niggas but i know they still watching headed for the top anything […]

Mistah FAB Ft. CyHi The Prynce – Made It To The Club Lyrics

what a day, man i’ll explain in a few i’ll give you a list of bullshit that i done been through got pulled over harassed, by the tas, when i passed cause the window was down, and the police got a draft of the grass, searched the car and only found bags bad tags, rain […]