Woke up one morning feeling kinda high
It was me, Don Johnson and Haile Selassie
Must be why folk looking at me funny
They talk in a quiet tone and fall when I'm running out
Of the sunny south side
Mouth wide, it's about time
From the north comes a loud cry
Shattering cabinet walls
Windows and halls
Ten thousand calls with nobody listening
Got the the mouth of a preacher
The eyes of a criminal
A powerful creature, civilized, analytical
Scrutinize the terrain with each step
Seek weakness and take the world by its neck
I was sent from the past, came back from the future
The scar of my neck the best distinguishing feature
Float an inch above the sidewalk
And rest at every corner
I'm very very tired by the trauma

Man is a devil in a sliding door
Rat pack rebel with a shovel and saw
More ass trapped in benevolent war

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