Baby, leave the dishes 'til the morning
While accepting my apologies
See, I've been busy chasing my tail around
While you've been busy chasing me
But I bought a costume
And I will wear it for you
I've learned a dance routine
From a dirty magazine
Come and dance with me

Sweet city girl
You can be the Empress of Harlem
And I'll be your subway boy

Baby save your troubles 'til tomorrow
Drink away your worries
I know a thousand stories
We can fall asleep again
Considering the love we're in
And the love we'll make
As soon as I'm awake

There is a tightrope I've been walking for you
And I'll swing a mean trapeze
Bring the crowd to its knees
Let me show you
Swing-set lover you're a playground
Come and jump on my trampoline

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